Persian blue salt market for export

Persian blue salt

Persian blue salt market for export, minimum quantity for export of 500 kg, the possibility of order delivery in European countries, the sale of samples before the final purchase is possible.

Introduction of persian blue salt

Iranian blue salt, with its natural potassium and consequently various therapeutic and medicinal properties, is one of the best salts available in the world.

Without a doubt, the main spice and flavoring in kitchens is salt, without which most meals will be inedible.

There are different types of salt in the world, one of the rarest of which is Iranian blue salt.

Iranian blue salt is found only in the mountains of the region around the city of Semnan and also Garmsar, and due to its rich minerals such as potassium, iron, zinc and calcium, it has extraordinary properties.

Some properties of Iranian blue salt are:

  • Disinfectant and actually antibacterial
  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Maintain body balance
  • Anti-stress
  • Help regulate sleep
  • Adjust digestion

Persian blue salt

Why does salt turn blue?

Normally, white rock salt is found in nature (of course, the type of vein in which the explosion takes place determines this issue, but for Iran, white is always the default color of all mines), but in some special cases due to the large amount From a type of element in a particular mineral, the color of the rock salt changes to the color of that element.

For example, Himalayan salt rock, because it contains some iron, has a pink rock.

The color of blue salt rock has also tended to blue due to having large amounts of potassium.

Persian blue salt

Sell ​​blue rock salt

The blue salt rock of our country, Iran, is the most special salt that can be accessed in the market, not only because of its different color than expected, but also because of the unique taste of blue salt rock that changes the cooking for everyone.

Blue salt rock, which is in fact the most expensive salt in the world, despite being known all over the world and among chefs, has remained very unknown in its only origin, Iran.

Persian blue salt

Despite considering the high per capita consumption of Iranian salt, the use of natural salt with minerals and without harmful chemicals is an undeniable necessity that has made the use of blue salt and other similar salts important.

The sale of Iranian rock salt should be one of the priorities in addition to exports, inside the country. Of course, persian blue salt is sold in bulk and retail in the market, but it is not known as it should be.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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