Semnan blue salt capacity of export 5 tons per month

blue salt

Semnan blue salt capacity of export 5 tons per month, Persian blue salt , Where to buy Persian blue salt, Call for wholesale price inquiry.

Export of 5 tons of Semnan blue salt per month, blue salt of sugar bean, packaging of 25 kg double-walled bag, possibility of delivery in the destination country by sea and land with the lowest shipping rate.

What are the properties of blue salt?

Semnan blue salt is one of the great assets of our country. We have seen in stories and movies that all treasures are golden and kept in special boxes, but let us show you the truth.

The treasure can be blue and can be found in the heart of mines and mountains. Blue salt is one of nature’s best treasures for human health. Blue salt is the same as table salt, which is amazingly beautiful and blue.

This salt that is extracted in Semnan mines has turned blue due to the presence of various minerals and salts. But that’s not the whole story. Semnan blue salt is one of the healthiest and most special salts in the world. The properties of this salt are so many that different countries want to buy it.

Researchers in various laboratories have recently discovered some of the properties of this salt that we will mention to you.

  • It is antibacterial
  • It is a rich source of potassium
  • Internal infections
  • It regulates blood pressure
  • Anti-stress
  • Anti nausea
  • against inflammation
  • Strengthen sleep
  • Strengthen the digestive system and digestion
  • Helps the respiratory system
  • Prevent muscle spasms
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Contribute to oral health

blue salt

Where is the Blue Salt Mine?

Once we understand what extraordinary properties of blue salt have for the health of the body, we need to know the source of its production. Definitely looking for the original manufacturer when it comes to buying a device.

The main source of blue salt rock extraction is in Semnan and Garmsar salt mines. These rich mines are the largest source of blue salt rock extraction in the world. Buying Semnan blue salt from the main manufacturer can have a great impact on reducing costs and also provide you with the best quality.

blue salt

Semnan blue salt export

Semnan blue salt is a unique treasure that God has included in the Iranians. The properties, characteristics and beauty of this salt has attracted many fans in different countries.

blue salt

Since Iran is the largest producer of Semnan blue salt, the export of this product to different countries is very prosperous. If you are looking for a successful and profitable business, buying Semnan blue salt in bulk and exporting it to different countries can change your life.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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