Livestock salt sales center

Livestock salt

Livestock salt sales center, powder salt with 25 kg and 40 kg bags, uniform white salt rock and streaked white rock salt with cheap price, free download and shipping all over the country.

Properties of  livestock salt

Animal salt or animal feed salt is an essential ingredient for animal feed. This salt maintains the mineral balance of livestock and keeps livestock healthy.

The most important properties of animal salt can be summarized as follows:

  • Provide part of the livestock mineral needs such as sodium and chloride
  • Improves the function of the central nervous system of livestock
  • Prevent muscle cramps and paralysis
  • Increase livestock appetite
  • Increase lactation and livestock fertility
  • Improves gastrointestinal function

Deficiency of salt in animal feed is easily eliminated by using animal salt.

By using animal salt as a dietary supplement, you can be sure that the animals are getting the minerals they need. Note that salt deficiency can be caused by low-sodium feed, chemical fertilizers and poor quality alfalfa.

Livestock salt

The reason for using rock salt in farming

Livestock salt is a great way to boost productivity in cattle and is therefore used in livestock units.

Rock salt increases the flow of saliva, which in turn causes appetite in cattle and in addition to compensating for the lack of sodium and chlorine in livestock inputs and preventing the occurrence of infectious and neurological diseases in cattle, prevents oral and tongue diseases in livestock.

Sodium in animal feed salt increases the body’s water volume and thus, by balancing the amount of body fluids, improves the function of the cow’s digestive system and increases the animal’s lactation.

Sale of animal salt

Since animal salt is mainly used in livestock and poultry breeding centers and is one of the most widely used compounds in animal and poultry feed, animal salt is sold professionally in the sales center of Halito Collection.

For the past years, the sale of animal salt and animal salt rock has been the main priority of the Halito collection, and in this regard, we have prepared rock salt in different categories and with different grades for supply to livestock and farms, each of which has a separate price. And it is different and can be selected according to the buyer’s taste.

The supply and sale of animal feed salt virtually has created conditions that all activists in the livestock and poultry industry in all parts of the country can easily compare and select the available samples, and on the other hand, we do the product download completely free of charge for our customers. we give.

Livestock salt

Export of rock salt for animal feed

Iran has the best rock salt mines and the salt extracted from the mines of different cities such as Garmsar has a high degree of purity and in addition to meeting most of the needs of domestic industries are exported to many neighboring countries and countries in the Persian Gulf.

For the export of rock salt, it is necessary to prepare the desired product for the international market. In this regard, these measures have been taken by Halito Group so that traders and traders can easily meet the needs of their customers.

  • Preparation of rock salt in a jumbo bag
  • Packing salt rock in a 15 kg bag
  • Preparation of cube cut rock salt with carton packaging
  • Preparation of cut salt rock with special rope (exactly similar to Pakistani sample)

Livestock salt

For the first time in Iran, Halito rock salt company has produced a cut rock similar to the Pakistani sample, as this is extremely important for attracting foreign buyers.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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