Manufacturer of salt candle holder in cubes and cylindrical form

salt candle holder

Manufacturer of salt candle holder in cubes and cylindrical form 3 pack, persian salt lamp factory, manufacturer of salt bricks.

Jasmie salt rock cylinders and cubes set of 3, white and colored custom rock salts, with and without labels in raw form, made of transparent therapeutic salt rock, very exceptional price.

Cylindrical rock salt is one of the types of rock salt that has different uses. Here we are going to get acquainted with how to make a cylindrical rock salt lampshade, where it is sold, and so on.

How to make salt lamp

To make this type of lampshade, a natural cylindrical salt rock, lampshade base, LED lights, cable, plugs, switches, etc. are needed. First, if the desired rock salt is not cylindrical, cut it to become a cylinder, then install the LED lip lamp on the wooden base of the lampshade.

Connect one end of the cable to the terminal and the other end to the plug. Cut the middle of the cable and connect the two ends of the wire to both sides of the switch. Now you can place the rock salt on the base of the lampshade and on the LED lamp and use the key to turn it on.

salt candle holder

Wholesale cylindrical rock salt

There are several centers in the country that sell different types of rock salt. One of the reputable centers that mainly sells natural and quality salt stones is Halito Salt Center. Halito Salt Stone Center has been able to satisfy everyone due to the high quality of its products and is a leader in other salt stone sales centers. The mentioned center has provided in-person sales conditions for the welfare of customers.

As a result, dear customers can use the Halito rock Salt company website and check the products available on the site to place an order and purchase the desired product.



As it was said, this center sells its products in bulk, and one of the advantages of major purchases is their very reasonable price. Customers can order the desired product in large numbers.

salt candle holder

Manufacturer of salt candle holder

Some people are looking for round salt rock. We can give you the good news that Halito Salt Rock Center is a producer of round salt rock. You dear ones can get help directly from this center by eliminating intermediaries to buy all kinds of round salt stones. Reasonable price, high quality, great variety of products, natural stones, etc. are the advantages of this center.

salt candle holder

Halito rock Salt company is the largest producer of decorative salt stones in Iran with the highest quality and very reasonable price in Iran.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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