Manufacturer of Iran pink and white salt powder in Garmsar

Iran pink salt powder

Manufacturer of Iran pink and white salt powder in Garmsar, Rock salt mines in Iran, supplier of edible salt powder in 25 kg package.

Manufacturer of pink and white salt powder in Garmsar, pink powder in 25 kg bags, the possibility of supplying monthly orders of 1200 tons, export to all parts of the world, with the lowest shipping rates by sea and land, supply, sale and export of pink, blue salt And white.

Salt powder is a salt produced from rock salt. And because it is very similar to powder, it is called powdered salt. In fact, powdered salt is a salt in which the crystalline grains do not contain salt. These salts are also called soft salts.

 Method of production of rock salt powder

Salt powder is obtained by crushing salt rocks. In this way, after large-scale salt rocks are extracted from the heart of the mountains, they are transferred to the salt rock factory, where they are crushed and ground by milling machines. The obtained powder is passed through a sieve and granulated salt is obtained, and then by repeating the same process, the finest type of salt is obtained.

This salt is difficult to store, as it may clump over time. For this reason, granulated salt should be separated from powdered salt and packed in separate bags so that its quality does not decrease.

This salt is used for domestic and industrial purposes. For oral consumption of salt powder, salt refining operations must be performed for it.

 Iran pink salt powder

Pink salt for hypothyroidism

Pink salt helps the thyroid function better. This salt eliminates iodine deficiency in the body and prevents hypothyroidism. This salt is rich in sodium and potassium. Pink salt, due to its sodium and potassium content, prevents fatigue and subsequent hormonal imbalance.

Pink salt helps digest food better and improves digestive function, making the thyroid healthier. Also, pink salt prevents dehydration and as a result, malnutrition will not happen to you, and this in itself affects thyroid health.

Iran pink salt powder

Wholesale Iran pink salt powder

Pink salt is one of the most beautiful and valuable types of salt, and due to its healing properties and decorative uses, its production and sales are increasing day by day. Garmsar salt mines, by having the highest quality type of rock salt, prepare and provide the best salt powder to customers, and the bulk sale of this salt powder is done according to customer demand and with different packaging.

Iran pink salt powder

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Source: Halito rock salt company

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