Manufacturer of Globe salt lamp in 4 different sizes

Globe salt lamp

Manufacturer of Globe salt lamp in 4 different sizes, biggest manufacturer of salt lamp, salt bricks, salt massage balls, rock salt soap, salt block for grill in Iran.

Manufacturer of streaked rock salt balls in 4 different sizes, rock salt grill, decorative rock salt lampshade, crystal rock salt, sale of rock salt in Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz, Mashhad, contact for information on wholesale price of decorative rock salt.

Production of globe salt lamp

Due to its geographical conditions, Iran is one of the regions rich in rock salt with about 50 salt mines. Therefore, our country is one of the top producers of rock salt. Semnan is also known as the rock salt capital of Iran.

Stone balls are products extracted from the heart of nature. A stone ball is often used as a decorative device (water fountain, on the first base of stair railings, on the base, etc.). But due to its numerous properties, rock salt is used both in therapeutic cases and as a lighting lamp. Rock salt lamps have an indirect light that has a special calming effect due to the positive energy of the salt. The smooth and polished nature of the salt spheres is one of the charms of these stones.

Crystalline salt with the formula NaCl in the form of rock salt extracted from the mine, is associated with more than 90 other elements. Among these elements, high calcium and magnesium can be mentioned.

Globe salt lamp

Sale of decor rock salt in Tehran

The Halito salt collection is one of the best providers of all kinds of salt stones and salt balls in Iran. Rock salts are prepared not only in the form of spheres, but also in various cuts and dimensions, in polished and natural form, to present to our valued customers.

The use of rock salt in the ears of the bedroom is highly recommended due to the following reasons.

  • It will relax and improve the quality of sleep.
  • It reduces stress and absorbs negative energy.
  • In lamp mode, it helps clean the air due to evaporation.
  • It will strengthen human mood.

Globe salt lamp

Representation of salt ball in the north

Halito salt collection has a salt ball representative in the north of Iran. The salt balls and all kinds of salt stones offered by this collection will be available to our dear customers at the representative office of this company.

Globe salt lamp

To benefit from the properties of rock salt, it is necessary to replace the salt ball after two to three months. Salt lamps, which are usually presented in the form of rock salt balls, release negative ions, and studies on the effect of these ions show that negative ions greatly reduce stress. These ions are created in many parts of nature and due to natural issues, such as flowing water, waterfalls, sea waves, strong lightning, sunlight, etc. In the same way, salt stones were created in the heart of salt mines, and the Halito collection helped to make salt spheres available to the public by polishing them.

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