Iran blue salt delivered in England

Iran blue salt

Iran blue salt delivered in England, Persian blue salt wholesale, Blue salt vs pink salt, persian blue salt capacity monthly 40 tons, biggest local supplier of blue salt in Iran.

Semnan blue salt delivered in England, monthly export capacity of 40 tons, packed in 25 kg laminated bags on pallets, Semnan pink salt, monthly production and delivery capacity of 850 tons.

Seeing the title, you must have thought that Semnan’s blue salt got this unique color due to the addition of artificial substances, but this salt is naturally blue due to the presence of potassium chloride. This type of salt is known as a fossil that was formed hundreds of years ago in the seas of Iran. The reason for the popularity of this salt, in addition to its relaxing color, is its beautiful crystalline texture.

Getting to know Persian blue salt

Semnan blue salt is obtained from nature and contains many minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, etc., each of which causes many properties. As its name suggests, it is obtained from Semnan province, but its extraction is a difficult task. The abundance of this salt is low and hence it is called rare salt. This salt regulates blood pressure and treats underactive thyroid. Its other properties include improving digestion and food digestion, regulating sleep, treating respiratory diseases, increasing immunity and its antibacterial properties.

Iran blue salt

How to use blue salt

Blue salt can be used in cooking because of the unique taste it gives to food. In addition to its pleasant taste, it has many properties that you will notice after consuming it. It has an amazing effect in treating depression and creating vitality. It is also used in the cosmetics industry because it can exfoliate the skin. Some use it in decorative items because of its beautiful appearance.

Iran blue salt

Export of Iran blue salt

Since Iran is the origin of this salt, it exports it to European countries such as Germany, America, Spain, England, Italy, Holland and Canada. Pakistan has also joined the list of countries importing blue salt from Iran these days. Unfortunately, today, fraudsters sell them instead of blue salt by coloring or adding artificial substances to regular salts.

Iran blue salt

If you are looking for original and quality blue salt, Halito is the best choice. With access to mines such as Semnan and Garmsar, Halito Group supplies this salt not only for our own country, Iran, but also for other countries. The quality of these salts is so high that European countries have been buying from this collection for several years with complete satisfaction.

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