Load bulk salt ice melt directly from the mine

salt ice melt

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Method of production of industrial salts

As you know, a large part of salt production is used in the industrial sector. For example, snow removal salt, which is used to clean roads in winter. Today, with the progress that has been made in the field of industrial devices, the production of industrial salts has also undergone extensive changes, and today there are various methods for the production of this type of salt.

Advanced machines are used to produce industrial salts. Therefore, in the first step, the rock salts are crushed inside special devices and after they are completely crushed, they enter certain nets. In fact, these nets have meshes with specific sizes that can be used according to the use of salts in various industries. After the salt passes through the nets and gets the impurities, the packing work is done.

salt ice melt

Application of road salt

Among industrial salts, snow removal salt or antifreeze salt is one of the salts that its consumption increases significantly in winter. As the name implies, these salts are used to remove ice and snow and, in fact, to defrost roads. The use of this type of salt prevents the freezing of snow on the asphalt surface and thus can significantly reduce the risk of road accidents during the winter.

salt ice melt

Purchase salt ice melt

Due to the fact that the consumption of snow removal salt increases in winter, especially in mountainous cities, it is usually necessary to prepare it in bulk. In fact, these salts can be obtained from major salt sales centers that sell bulk industrial salts.

salt ice melt

These centers are active all over the country and it is easy to buy from them. The number of these centers in mountainous and northern cities of the country is more than other regions, but since shopping from these centers is usually indirect, you can do your shopping from anywhere in the country.

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