How to build a salt room using salt bricks

build a salt room

How to build a salt room using salt bricks, Salt room design, Best home salt therapy machine, salt bricks manufacturer, export of salt bricks and glue.

How to build a salt room and get a license, build a salt room with the method of salt bricks and salt spraying, it is possible in different ways, you can make the most of your salt treatment room with the lowest cost.

The salt room has a space covered with salt crystals and bricks and is an environment where there are no bacteria and there is enough light and people receive energy healing. There are special generators in the salt room and the salt air conditioner disperses the salt dust in the environment. Because Iran is rich in salt mines, there are salt treatment clinics – yoga, massage and salt saunas.


New methods do not require the use of a halogen generator in a salt room

build a salt room

Top manufacturer of salt bricks

Halito Salt Stone Complex is the largest producer of salt bricks in Iran. This center is one of the well-known centers that is active in this field and is the largest salt mine in the Middle East. Salt rock bricks are produced in different sizes and sold in the market.

Salt bricks are the result of cutting therapeutic salt stones, and since the best salt stones belong to Garmsar, the production of salt bricks from Garmsar rock salt is at the top of our products.

build a salt room

Advantages of using a salt room

The salt room has salt bricks or lamps that release the negative yen that enhances mood and stress in the air and creates a relaxing atmosphere. This room makes a person feel refreshed and experiences a deep breath. It also benefits the skin to glow and regain energy. Due to its sedative and detoxifying effects, Halo Therapy can protect the nervous, lymphatic and immune systems. With the help of this room, a better sleep pattern can be achieved and the capacity of the lungs can be increased. The treatment in them is completely natural and without any side effects.

build a salt room

How to build a salt room with salt bricks

Salt rooms come in a variety of shapes, and these rooms have salt walls, special lighting, paving or salt sands, and sometimes massages. One of the principles of their construction is the number of negative yen.

There are two ways to use salt bricks and salt is to salt the salt rooms. However, the combination of these two makes these rooms very attractive. Salt stones are used in the preparation of salt bricks, and any country that has a salt lake and sea. Can produce it. No harmful chemicals are used in its production and it is just the same as rock salt.

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