Export of refined iodized salt to Armenia and Iraq

refined iodized salt

Export of refined iodized salt to Armenia and Iraq, Iodized Salt price, Where to buy iodized salt, Table salt supplier, in 20 kg bag.

Export of recrystallized salt to Armenia and Iraq, 25 kg bags, monthly supply of 750 tons, customs declaration and presentation of certificate for export, production factory of hydromil table salt and iodized and non-iodized recrystallization.

What is refined iodized salt?

Have you ever heard of recrystallized salt? In general, the concept of recrystallization means replacing perfect and healthy grains with less pure grains. Salt that is called recrystallization or refined salt is one of the best and healthiest types of salt. Normally, salt must go through several stages for extraction:

  • Extraction from salt mines
  • Getting into solution pools
  • Entry into the centrifuge
  • Purification

Now imagine repeating these steps to achieve greater purity. In this case, the obtained salt is called recrystallization salt. This product has a very bright and eye-catching color and has a much higher purity percentage. Salt is one of the main elements in our food. The health and purity of this product is very important. Refined salt is the healthiest and tastiest edible salt. Also, using this salt in food has many healing properties.

refined iodized salt

Purchase from Iran salt factory

Imagine you want to drink water. Is the water that flows along the river healthier and better, or the water that comes from the source? Of course, the two answer options are correct. In the case of salt, the problem is the same. If you are looking for recrystallized salt with great quality and great purity, why don’t you try buying from Garmsar Salt Factory? Garmsar Salt Factory produces one of the richest and best salts in the world. By buying directly from the factory, you can get an amazing product at a cheap and reasonable price. Garmsar factory is the main source of access to high quality salt. Direct purchase from the factory is now available to you.

refined iodized salt

Export of salt to Iraq

The uniqueness and quality of Garmsar salt, especially the recrystallized salt, has attracted many interests. Salt extracted from these mines are unparalleled in the world. For this reason, many countries are in the list of customers of this product. One of these large customers of Pakistan is the country of Iraq.

refined iodized salt

In the past years, the export of salt to Iraq has increased due to the high demand of this country. Exporting this divine blessing and this natural miracle to Iraq will not only boost commerce, but it will also be very profitable. You can change your life by directly buying high-quality Garmsar salt from the factory at a reasonable price and exporting it to Iraq.

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