Iran Salt Factory wholesale industrial and edible salt

Iran Salt Factory

Iran Salt Factory wholesale industrial and edible salt, refined salt iodine 40 and 60 ppm, unrefined salt, industrial salt size .5 to 1 mm, 2 to 5 mm.

Semnan Salt Factory wholesale industrial and edible salt, manufacturer of edible and industrial salt with a monthly production capacity of 1200 tons, possibility of export by providing license and certificate, possibility of delivery in the destination country.

Semnan province is one of the huge reserves of salt, that’s why Semnan salt factory can be seen in most parts of this province. The machinery and equipment and the control system of Semnan Salt Factory are based on the latest world technology and all the equipment of the evaporation unit is made of Monel, Titanium and Uranus special alloys and has a high resistance against hot salt solution. Semnan Salt Factory has a standard license from Iran’s Standard and Industrial Research Organization and a manufacturing license from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

Use of salt in industry

Our country, Iran, has many salt mines, and Semnan salt is one of the largest producers of mineral and industrial salt. Industrial salt is transported directly to the factory without any operation, because the production plants in the production line need industrial salt. Industrial salt is used in many industries and is available in various types, which are produced according to different grades. The difference between table salt and industrial salt is in the growth rate of its purity, because chemicals with a low percentage of purity are used in industries and laboratories. Industrial salt is used in animal and poultry feed factories, tanning, leather making, drinking water purification and production, chipboard production, boilers, hardening, resin recovery, and chemical industries.

Iran Salt Factory

Edible salt producer

When salt is extracted from the mine, it has many impurities and in order for it to be consumed as food, it must be purified, which is done in salt factories with methods such as crystallization and works related to salt production. Edible salt consists of two elements sodium and chlorine, sodium is a soft and reactive metal and chlorine is a non-metal and has a diatomic and very reactive gas that when these two elements are together during a heated and intense reaction, the composition They produce a white color called edible salt.

Iran Salt Factory

Purchased from Iran Salt Factory

Due to the various uses of salt and its use in various industries, it should be purchased from the best salt producers. Semnan Salt Factory offers its products in bulk and packaging and rock salt, which can be purchased directly or indirectly. You can also order and buy the product online.

Iran Salt Factory

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