Manufacturer of industrial salt in Garmsar

Manufacturer of industrial salt

Manufacturer of industrial salt in Garmsar, industrial salt supplier in Iran located in semnan and garmsar, type of industrial salt different size, in 25 kg and 40 kg and jumbo bag( 1 ton).

Manufacturer of industrial salt in Garmsar, industrial salt of fine grain and coarse grain for use in all industries, export of industrial salt and industrial salt rock, contact for information on the wholesale price of all types of industrial salt.

Introduction to industrial salt

Salt is usually used as a seasoning for food, but there are different types of salt, one of which is industrial salt. This industrial substance is called a type of salt in which there is no purifier, in other words, the salt is raw and unrefined. It is mostly used in industry. Among the industries that use this salt are chemical industries, fishing industries, leather industries and many other industries.

Manufacturer of industrial salt

Different types of industrial salt

Due to the expansion of various industries in the country and the development of these industries, this type of salt is used as a raw material in various industries. But due to its application in every industry, there are different models of this type of salt in the market.

The salt that is available in the industry has different types, each of which has its own use. But in general, it can be divided into 2 types of stone and powder.

The stone type of this industrial material has coarse and large parts, and the powder type is divided into different small or powdery parts.

Its powder type can be prepared in different ways and in different cuts. Among the models of salt in non-stone size, we can mention the drilling salt of shellfish, pea, and sugar.

The use of industrial salt in various industries is very important. Industrial salt as precursors for different industries and has different applications in each industry. Based on the type of application that industrial salt has in different industries, it is offered in different types for industries. Industrial salt and its use

In the industry, industrial salt can be used as a substance for various purposes, including feeding livestock and animal husbandry, or removing some impurities in the water and sewage industries, or in the glass, plastic, and resin industries, or other chemical industries.

Manufacturer of industrial salt

Semnan industrial salt factory

Semnan is known as one of the most important salt producers in Iran’s salt industry. Due to the presence of salt mines in Semnan, the establishment of factories that produce different types of salt has become very popular.

Manufacturer of industrial salt

Semnan industrial salt factory has been able to fully attract the attention and needs of customers by producing all kinds of salt models. This factory, having various models of industrial salt, is a good supplier of the needs of different industries.

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