Manufacturer and supplier of Iran rock salt mine

Iran rock salt mine

Manufacturer and supplier of Iran rock salt mine, Irani salt, Rock salt import from Iran, white orange red and pink rock salt.

Buy Jahrom and Garmsar mineral salt, glass crystalline rock salt, white edible rock salt with purity higher than 99.5%, salt export to India, Iraq and Georgia.

Familiarity with Iran rock salt mine

Garmsar mineral salt rock is famous among the world of rock salt, like a celebrity. Mineral salt rocks in Garmsar region are so special and attractive that they do not need to be defined. Garmsar mineral salt rock has many uses, including luxury and decorative uses.

Looking at these stones, we realize that it seems that the master painter has designed them with patience. The colors used in these natural stones dazzle the eyes of every viewer. There is peace from the depths of the earth from the heart of the mines in these rocks. Different designs and colors with mineral and extraordinary properties have made these stones special. Buying mineral salt and mineral salt Garmsar is one of the most prosperous parts of the world of salt trade.

pink rock salt

Salt exports to Iraq

One of the countries that is the main customer for mineral salt is neighboring Iraq. Trade and trade relations between Iraq and Iran are at their highest. One of the commodities in the Iraqi market that is very interested in attracting it is mineral salts.

The taste, appearance and properties of salts in Iranian mines are rarely found. This is a special opportunity and a booty from nature. The mines of Iraq and its soil are devoid of mineral salts. In addition to Iraq, countries such as the UAE, Qatar and Oman are also potential customers for buying mineral salt from Iran. If you want to take important steps in your life and seek progress towards the future, do not miss this wonderful opportunity.

pink rock salt

Buy crystalline and white mineral salt

It is the white gold salt that we extract from the heart of the mines. Like gold, not every land and mineral has this great blessing, and only this gift has reached a part of the world. Iran is one of the largest and richest salt mines in our country.

pink rock salt

Buying mineral salt, in addition to its many uses, can be a very lucrative option in business and injecting it into global and regional markets. Exports and imports of mineral salt are booming. Because this blessing does not exist naturally in many countries and they have to buy from other countries to meet their needs. Personal consumption, industrial use and commercial use are the uses of mineral salt.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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