Purchase rock salt in bulk from Iran

rock salt in bulk

Purchase rock salt in bulk from Iran, Pink rock salt, orange rock salt, blue rock saltred rock saltwhite rock salt.

Sale of rock salt in Tehran

To buy rock salt, you can go to salt rock sales centers in Tehran. Due to its special geological location, especially important geological events in the Precambrian period, Iran has valuable mines such as rock salt mines. The most valuable rock salt mines are located in Semnan province.

Garmsar and Semnan salt mines are of special importance from different aspects. Garmsar plain and its mines are located 110 km southeast of Tehran; For this reason, many of the salts extracted from these mines enter Tehran. It is possible to study the rock salts extracted from these mines by xrd analysis method in Tehran. On the other hand, Tehran, because it is a more important industrial hub and the possibility of processing salt rocks there is more; Most of the rock salt extracted from Garmsar mine is processed in Tehran and most of the rock salt sales centers are established in Tehran.

It is possible to export Garmsar rock salt to European and Asian countries such as Hungary, Turkey, UAE, Italy, etc.

rock salt in bulk

Manufacturer of decorative rock salt

The producer of decorative rock salt can order salt rock factories or salt rock sales centers in Tehran and Garmsar to supply the salt stones he needs.

Ordering in large sales centers and rock salt factories can be economical for the producer. You do not need to visit this center to order in person; You can register your order collection through the website.

rock salt in bulk

Purchase Rock salt in bulk

Saltstone processing workshops and sales centers, production and purchase of rock salt can buy Garmsar salt rock in bulk from large sales centers. Garmsar salt rock has special properties that are produced in different types due to special properties. For example, extracted rock salts are sold to decorative rock salt producers after washing in factories; Due to the ionization property of these stones, some manufacturers produce rock salt in the form of lampshades and lampshades; The impact of light on these rocks causes the production of negative ions and induces a feeling similar to walking by the sea.

The negative ions produced by this stone purify the environment of pollutants and negative energies and have a positive effect on the human respiratory system.

rock salt in bulk

Due to the many properties of this rock salt, including having many nutrients, some stones extracted from Garmsar mine are used to produce cooking boards. Garmsar bulk rock salt can be purchased for these producers.

Source: Halito rock salt Company

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