Iran industrial salt factory in Garmsar

industrial salt factory

Iran industrial salt factory in Garmsar, white salt and suji salt, size .5 to 8 mm in 25 kg and jumbo bag.

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Industrial salt is known as one of the best and most widely used products. Feed salt was originally an unrefined type of industrial salt. As you know, industrial salt is widely used in water purification and production of various hygienic materials. For this reason, manufacturers produce various types of industrial salt and offer this product to the industrial salt sales unit so that people can use this product efficiently.

industrial salt factory

Applications of industrial salt

Industrial salt is also less pure than table salt. The lower the amount of chemicals in the salt, the more useful it is. What separates industrial salt from table salt is the amount of purity in the salt.

Industrial salt is used for industrial and laboratory purposes due to the lack of chemicals and refining of this product, as well as the iodine content of this salt. But salts that have more chemicals and refined are used for food and daily consumption.

As you know, industrial salt has different types, which we will get acquainted with in the following:

  • Oyster salt: This type of salt has a shiny grain that has a special shine compared to all salts and is widely used in the dairy and tanning industry.
  • Fishery salt: Fishery salt is the largest type of salt on the market and is widely used in leather embroidery, water purification and cheese making.
  • Powdered salt: Powdered salt is the most useful product in the recycling and poultry industry.
  • Sugar salt: This salt is known as sugar salt due to its high similarity to sugar, which is also used in drilling mud. 

Industrial salt to the general net has many uses, which we mention here:

  1.  It is useful for refinery.
  2. Use of industrial salt for the boiler
  3. The use of salt shakers is very important for livestock and animal husbandry.
  4. Use of industrial salt for hardening and water purification 

Industrial salt also has various properties for industry and laboratories, which is widely used in this product.

industrial salt factory

purchase of industrial salt from the factory

The producers extracted industrial salt from the mines regularly and accurately and pulverized it without any chemicals.

industrial salt factory

This quality product is offered directly to salt factories so that customers can make the best purchase of industrial salt according to the quality and purity of this product from these factories at a very reasonable price.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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