Wholesale center of blue salt in Semnan

blue salt

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Acquaintance with blue rock salt

Iranian blue salt is one of the types of mineral salts that have many properties. This salt is extracted in Semnan province. For this reason, it is known as blue salt of Semnan. Iranian blue salt contains substances such as calcium, potassium and iron and also has a beautiful texture. For this reason, it has attracted everyone’s attention. The method of extracting this salt is that Iranian blue salt is actually a salt fossil whose particles are about 100 years old or more. It means that its crystals have been formed in the sea for hundreds of years. Blue salts usually have blue and pink streaks. Their blue color is very rare. It is interesting to know that the method of extracting blue salt is exactly the same as extracting gold, which is done by miners. Removing the blue salt from the mine is a difficult task. For this, a large volume of rock salt must be extracted.

blue salt

What is the cause of the blue color of the salt?

But what is the reason for blue salt in Semnan? What things or elements cause this rock salt to turn blue? For example, if there is a lot of iron in the texture of a stone, that stone will turn red. In fact, large amounts of potassium chloride are found in blue salt rock. For this reason, Semnan blue salt is seen in this color. It should be mentioned that the blue salt mines in Semnan province are the only blue salt rock mines in the world. This is the reason why in many countries of the world where blue rock salt is sold, the name of Iran is used in the name of this salt. In fact, they say Persian blue salt.

blue salt

Semnan blue salt export

It is interesting to know that Semnan blue salt is exported to many countries, including European countries. European countries are big fans of blue salt. All foreign citizens and Europeans know this salt as Iranian salt. Semnan blue salt rock has many uses.

blue salt

One of its most important uses is cooking. Blue rock salt contains a significant amount of potassium, which reduces stress. Also, many restaurants, especially European restaurants, use Semnan blue salt to complete their menus.

Source: Halito rock salt Company

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