Iran industrial salt export market in jumbo bags

Iran industrial salt

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What is the difference between industrial and traditional salt?

Industrial salt is a salt whose purity percentage is lower than traditional salt. These two salts are similar in appearance, but their purity and uses are different. One of the most important differences between traditional and industrial salt is the difference in their purity. There is no iodine in industrial salt. The purity of edible salt is 99% and the purity of industrial salt is 95%. For this reason, table salt is easily refined in the refinery. If the industrial salt cannot be refined due to the high amount of salts, it is used industrially. These two salts have different uses. The industrial type of this salt is used in animal husbandry, leather making, production of detergents, production of drinking water and many other cases. Traditional salt has an important role in the functioning and metabolism of the body due to the presence of sodium and chlorine. The iodized type of table salt is used for daily consumption.

Another difference between traditional and industrial salt is the difference in their storage method. The method of keeping these two salts is very different. Traditional salt should be placed in a glass or plastic container. This salt should be kept away from sunlight because sunlight destroys the iodine in the salt. In general, industrial salt is easier to maintain than traditional salt.

Iran industrial salt

Application of industrial salt

Industrial salt is supplied in different forms in factories and has many uses. This salt is used in livestock and poultry breeding, leather making, drinking water production, animal husbandry, production of detergents and sanitary materials, textile dyes, glass, resin, plastic and other chemicals. Also, this salt is used to clean oil and gas wells and plays an important role in the production of rice, steel, tires and paper. In medical and pharmaceutical companies, industrial salts have a high consumption, and also a high percentage of this salt is used in making capsules and saline solutions. Industrial salts are used in road transport to reduce freezing of snow and ice and make driving safer.

 Iran industrial salt

 Sale of Iran industrial salt

Industrial salt is mostly used in industries due to the fact that it has a high impurity percentage and is not suitable for purification. In fact, the industry is dependent on industrial salt and rock salt, and without this salt, the work of industries and factories will be difficult. Therefore, the market of buying and selling industrial rock salt in wholesale and retail is very popular. The buying and selling of these rock salts takes place in the domestic and foreign markets and a significant amount is exported to other countries.

Iran industrial salt

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