Iodized salt factory purity 99.4% for Armenia

Iodized salt factory

Iodized salt factory purity 99.4% for Armenia, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Georgia, UAE, Afghanistan, iodine 40, 60 and 80 ppm based on customer request.

Iodized recrystallized salt factory with 99.4% purity, refined recrystallized salt can be produced and delivered to the buyer at the order of the buyer from a minimum purity of 99.2% to 99.7%, providing certification for export loads.

In this article, we want to talk about recrystallization salt and describe its production method so that you can get to know more about this issue.

What is hydromil salt?

In the whole world, salt production is done in different ways. The hydromill method is one of those methods that requires less fossil energy consumption. For this reason, they named it the green method. The primary ingredient in the production of salt using the hydromill method is evaporative type and lake salt. In this method, by means of physical methods and water, they reduce the impurity of the salt and bring it to a high degree of purity.

Iodized salt factory

Familiarity with recrystallized salt

The production of recrystallized salt is very important because it causes the production of healthy salt according to health standards. This is very important and vital. The recrystallization salt production line is as follows.

The first stage is grinding rock salt, the second stage is dissolution, then the purification stage and creating a saturated solution, after that, filtering the salt solution, removing sulfate ions, dehydrating the salt, then adding iodine, drying stage, and the last stage is silage. making and packing.

In the production of recrystallization salt, all these steps mentioned must be done in order in order to obtain a quality salt with a high percentage of purity. Most importantly, this salt should be according to health standards and criteria.

Iodized salt factory

Purchase from Iodized salt factory

Recrystallization salt is very welcome due to the steps it goes through as well as the health standards and criteria it has. There are many salt mines in Iran, and large factories also specialize in the production and extraction of salt. Iran can be called one of the big and powerful countries in this field that exports refined salt and recrystallized salt.

This export is done to the whole world. Because salt is a substance that is used all over the world and people use this white substance. It can be said that this substance is very popular and Iran is one of the main sources and exporters of salt to the whole world.

Iodized salt factory

With just a few simple researches, one can know about the high quality of recrystallized salt from Iranian factories. They have been able to shine very well in this field by observing all the health and principles.

Source: Halito rock salt Company

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