Wholesale and retail center of blue rock salt

blue rock salt

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Wholesale and small sale center of blue crystal salt, original blue salt of Garmsar and Semnan, 200 kg of crystal blue salt per month, 45 tons of sugary blue salt.

When we hear the name rock salt, we only think of its white and colorless color. But you should know that rock salt is available in other colors such as blue, pink, green, orange and even red. Impurities that exist in these stones and cause each one to turn into a special color.

There are useful elements in the blue salt rock, which are highly regarded for oral use. Calcium, potassium and magnesium can be mentioned among these useful elements. This has caused the price of blue stone to be higher than other stones.

Apart from edible items, blue rock salt is used in the production of antidepressants and in decorative items such as collecting collections. Blue salt rock has features that are mentioned below.

  • The presence of blue veins
  • Clear without stones
  • After pounding its seeds, they turn white

blue rock salt

Where is the blue rock salt mine?

This valuable stone, which is world famous, is discovered and extracted only in Iran and in Garmsar mines located in Semnan province. This stone can only be exploited in these mines. The most buyers of this salt are from countries such as America, Italy, England, Canada and Spain.

Among them, there are European countries, which use this stone in the decoration and cooking and baking of seafood.

blue rock salt

Buyers of blue rock salt in Europe

Since this stone is very rare and Iran is the only producer and exporter of it. You can order and get this valuable material in sanitary packaging from reputable sites and stores.

Wholesale of blue and pink salt

This salt is distributed directly in the markets of Turkey. About three hundred kilograms are being exported to this country every month. In Iran, this stone is produced in bulk and sold in bulk.

blue rock salt

Garmsar is one of the cities where the wholesale sale and supply is done, which delivers high-quality salt to consumers and applicants.

Also, this city provides the needs of the domestic and foreign markets. This process is carried out with care and attention in well-equipped and standard factories. In addition to maintaining the quality, they try to supply the product in a way that benefits the customer and consumer.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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