Purchase industrial salt from the Iran salt factory

Iran salt factory

Purchase industrial salt from the Iran salt factory, size .3 to .6 mm, size 1 to 2.5 mm, and 3 to 5 mm, white salt, in 25 kg bag.

Wholesale purchase of small and large size industrial salt from the factory, sale of industrial salt in jumbo bags of 950 tons per month, loading of all types of salt and industrial salt rock in bulk, wholesale sale of all types of unrefined salt size 80, 90, 110 and 120.

There are different types of salt, one of which is industrial salt. The difference between this salt and other salts is in their purity percentage. Industrial salt has a lower purity percentage. There are different types of this salt. Among them, we can mention shellfish, sugar, powder, peas, drilling and fishing.

Uses of industrial salt

Among the wide applications of industrial salt, the following can be mentioned: Animal and poultry feed factories use this product abundantly. Used as a hardener in the production of chemical industries, production and purification of drinking water, in the leather industry.

Industrial salt powder is used in the production of chicken and poultry ingredients. Fishing salt, as its name suggests, is used in the fishing industry and disinfection. Drilling salt or sugar salt is one of the most widely used industrial types, which are used in drilling mud.

Finally, from oyster salt, which is the smallest type of salt. which are used in dairy, acidification, leather and tanning industries, water purification.

Iran salt factory

The difference between industrial and edible salt

The main difference between these two salts is their degree of purity. In general, after extracting this substance from mines, they are classified according to their degree of purity. Those with a higher grade are divided for edible use and the other for industrial use.

The purity of edible salt is about 99% and industrial salt is 95%. The existence of unrefinable solutes has caused them to be used in industries. Because it is harmful to the health of the body and causes diseases such as kidney stones and poisoning in people.

As a result, this product is different from each other in three ways.

  1. degree of purity
  2. Uses
  3. Maintenance method

Iran salt factory

Purchase from Iran salt factory

As discussed about the use of this material, something around 60% of global production is related to industries. Therefore, the demand for this product is always increasing. The sale of industrial salt is being done in a competitive way, and success in this market depends on the identification of quality salt.

Iran salt factory

This product is sold and supplied to various companies such as pharmaceuticals, road construction, detergent production, metal and rubber production, manufacturing industries, energy and oil, chemical industries. It is considered an important and valuable material for applicants.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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