Wholesale of crystal blue and pink rock salt

crystal blue salt

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Introduction of edible rock salt

These days, the sale of rock salt has increased greatly. As you know, today rock salt is used for things such as surface decoration, industrial works, animal feed, etc.

Rock salt production and sales factories are looking to produce high quality rock salt for supply to the consumer market. Continue with us to get to know everything about the salt stone.

Salt is an essential ingredient in cooking and preserving food. The exact amount of salt you use for cooking has a great impact on the taste of your food. The following guide will help you choose the best salt for your meals. Today, many factories can earn a lot of profit by selling this type of rock salt. Salts are divided into three categories: blue, pink and crystalline.

  • Blue rock salt

The blue salt is formed from the evaporation of sea water more than 200 million years ago, and its amount is generally very small. Due to the presence of potassium, this salt is very useful for calming the nerves and is consumed as a luxury food item in many countries of the world

  • pink salt

Pink salt from rock salt crystals that are extracted from areas near the Himalayas in Pakistan and Garmsar in Iran. It is mainly composed of sodium and other trace elements including iron and zinc. Pink salt is attractive because of its pink color and has a saltier taste compared to table salt.

  • Crystalline rock salt

Crystal salt has a high price due to its texture and composition. For this reason, many people use this type of salt only for cooking at home. This type of salt is not useful in restaurant cooking due to its high price.

The transparent type of crystal rock salt, also known as heart salt, is extremely rare.

crystal blue salt

Decor rock salt sales center

In fact, decorative salt stones are available in various designs and sizes. You, dear ones, can order your desired design for purchase. Just be in touch with the experts in this field.

Dear friends, you can choose and buy your favorite stone by contacting and consulting with the decorative salt sales center.

crystal blue salt

Wholesale of crystal blue salt

Rock salt is also sold in bulk. Buying rock salt in bulk should be done from a factory with the necessary standards. Buying in bulk saves money. Selling rock salt is a profitable business for business owners. If you also want to start a new business, buying and selling rock salt will help your business to expand and prosper.

crystal blue salt

All rock salts are loaded directly from the mine. To place an order, just contact our experts.

Source: Halito rock salt Company

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