Supply of flat salt block in Iran market

flat salt block

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Salt blocks for cooking

Have you ever tried cooking with rock salt? Do you know what flat rock salt is? What information do you have about the benefits of this rock salt? Do you know that the secret of delicious restaurant food is connected with this stone? If you do not know the answers to the above questions and are curious to know their answers, we suggest you stay with us until the end of the article. The secret of the deliciousness of different foods depends on various factors. One of the unspoken secrets of making food taste palatable is cooking with rock salt. For Iranians, the dish in which food was cooked has been of special importance since the past. These days, due to the benefits of rock salt, flat rock salt is used in restaurants all over the world to cook a variety of foods such as seafood, meat, etc.

In addition to cooking, it is possible to use flat rock salt as a cooking board to prepare various salads and vegetables.

flat salt block

Salt block benefits

The benefits of salt pans are countless; Because of these various benefits, it is the choice of many housewives and professional cooks. Salt pans give your food a unique taste due to the presence of various salts and minerals. In addition to this, these salt pans have many healing properties. These salt pans adjust the ph of the body; The reason can be the low sodium of these salt pans compared to white salts. There is no limit to the use of these salt pans; And you can use them to cook different dishes, including seafood. So if you are looking to make different dishes with a unique taste; which does not pose a risk to your health, using these salt pans can be a good option for you.

flat salt block

Manufacturer of flat salt block

Factories that are active in the field of salt extraction also produce flat rock salt. After cutting and polishing these stones, salt rock mining factories turn them into flat salt rock; And they offer it to the market so that fans of these stones can buy them for various purposes.

flat salt block

The important point is that the higher the percentage of flat salt rock purity, the more benefits and properties these stones have.

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