Wholesale industrial salt at Garmsar salt factory

Garmsar salt factory

Wholesale industrial salt at Garmsar salt factory, white salt, supply salt to Georgia, Armenia, Iraq, capacity of produce monthly 1500 tons, in 25 kg bag and jumbo bag.

Sale of industrial salt at Garmsar factory door, sugar salt, powdered salt, fishing salt, fine and coarse oyster salt, possibility of delivery in 25 and 40 kilo bags, big jumbo bag.

Industrial salt is one of the most demanded salts, which is used in various industries due to its unique features; This type of salt is more abundant than other types, and the sale of industrial salt in different samples is done through our collection, which is able to meet the needs of customers all over the country.

Garmsar industrial salt factory

Industrial salt is a type of salt whose purity percentage of chemical substances in it is different from table salt, and the sale of industrial salt is being carried out widely by different centers in the country, which is used in different industries.

Garmsar Industrial Salt Factory is engaged in providing this type in large quantities and takes this product out of the warehouse and sends it all over the country on a daily basis.

The applications of this product in various industries are many, and the most important of them are leather tanning, acidification, production of chemicals, water and wastewater treatment, etc., which is the reason for the growth of industrial salt sales at Garmsar factory.

Garmsar salt factory

Industrial salt production method

As mentioned, industrial salt has a lower purity percentage than table salt because this salt is not refined and remains iodized with other chemicals.

There are different types of industrial salt that depend on the method of its production, and we mention its types in the following section.

  • Fishing salt
  • not 100
  • not 90
  • industrial salt powder (soft)
  • Sugar or drilling salt
  • Oyster salt

The method of producing industrial salt is that rock salt enters the factory and is crushed by advanced machines without any processing, etc. and then it passes through nets of a certain size so that the salt is uniform.

Each mesh size gives us a type of industrial salt, which is why this salt is graded.

Garmsar salt factory

Selling the following industrial salt

As you know, the sale of industrial salt is done in various types, and fine-grained industrial salt is one of the best-selling examples of industrial salt that is used in various industries and has many fans.

Source: Read more about Iran industrial salt

Garmsar salt factory

This type of salt has very clear and fine grains, which is usually used in dairy, tanning and refining industries, and due to the expansion of industries such as dairy, the consumption of this type of salt is also very high, and its sales are also growing well. is facing

The method of buying these products is very easy and you can visit our website to buy high-quality salt at a reasonable price.

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