Direct purchase from Iran salt factory

Iran salt factory

Direct purchase from Iran salt factory, Refined salt, iodine or uniodine, industrial salt and refined salt supplier, manufacturer, supply salt to Armenia, Georgia.

Direct purchase from Semnan and Garmsar salt factories, in addition to the Tabriz, Qom, Isfahan salt factories, the largest sales center for all kinds of industrial and edible salt, exporting edible salt to Iraq, Armenia, India and the UAE.

Iran Salt Factory

Do you know the best Garmsar salt factory? Garmsar salt is one of the special blessings of God to the people of Iran. You cannot find samples of salts extracted from Garmsar anywhere in the world. This product is so special and amazing that it has its own fans and customers even outside of Iran. The salt factory in Semnan province and in Garmsar city are like prophets whose duty is to bring natural salt to people’s hands. In this factory, various steps are taken to get salt. You definitely know that salt is the white gold of the earth. Treasure cannot be found without suffering.

Iran salt factory

Semnan edible salt factory

This delicious and delicious salt that you see on the tables has gone through different stages in the Semnan Edible Salt Factory. Many devices and equipment, along with professional and expert staff, have tried to achieve this product. The steps to get edible salt are different according to the factory and its equipment. In general, if you intend to buy salt in bulk, you should pay attention to one important point. Choose a factory that supplies you with salt without adding unnatural ingredients.

Get natural salt with 98.8% purity at Semnan factory. This level of purity is amazing. You can also make your bulk purchase in different packages and bags. The attractive point of this story is to reduce costs. By buying edible salt from Semnan factory, you will not only get a high-quality product, but you will also buy it cheaper than anywhere else. This special opportunity can change your path.

Iran salt factory

Industrial salt producer

Apart from edible salt, industrial salt also has its own customers. In the salt factory, using extraction and purification devices, the mineral content of the obtained product is calculated. According to minerals, impurity volume and crystal size, industrial salt is manufactured and processed. This salt is used in various industries. like the:

  • drilling
  • Fisheries
  • roads
  • disinfection
  • cheese making
  • Leather making and tanning
  • Recycle
  • Poultry farms and livestock farms

Iran salt factory

Buying the best industrial salt is only possible through the best industrial salt manufacturer. You can buy various types of industrial salt (powdered, oyster, fish) at a reasonable price according to your needs. Contact us for more information and updated prices.

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