Salt blocks for cattle in cheap price

Salt blocks for cattle

Salt blocks for cattle in cheap price, delivery at destination, Iraq, Qatar, India, Georgia, in 10 kg caton packing.

Wholesale center for cattle and sheep rock salt, loading all orders directly from the mine, sending at least 10 tons, white mineral rock salt at a very reasonable price.

One of the items used in livestock and ranches is rock salt. This substance, which is in the form of a stone and is the raw material for salt extraction, is essential for the health of livestock. In this memo, we examine this precious substance for the health and growth of cattle and try to clarify some ambiguities about its purchase and consumption in livestock. To fix.

Salt blocks for cattle

Why do cows need salt and mineral

First of all, we have to ask the question, what is the main effect of cow salt rock on the physical condition of this animal?

Cow rock salt has several different properties, which we will collect in a few points:

  • Livestock need to absorb sodium and chloride to produce the right amount of milk. Rock salt, as a rich source of sodium, helps improve the quality of cows’ milking. So the first property of this substance is to increase cow lactation.
  • The nutrition of cows is not always under control even in the most advanced farms, and sometimes cows may consume unhealthy and bacterial foods for any reason. Licking rock salt helps kill most of the germs and bacteria in these unhealthy foods. You must be familiar with salting and the effect of the method on killing bacteria and germs. Rock salt also has such a property in the mouth and digestive system of livestock.
  • The growth of cows also depends on consuming the right amount of salt. All mammals need sodium for nervous system health, and cows as a mammal are no exception. In the next section we will explain more about this issue, but in a general view, it can be said that your animal needs salt consumption to have a normal growth rate.

Salt blocks for cattle

Is rock salt good for cows?

As you know, the growth and health of all mammals depends on a good amount of minerals. One of the minerals that will be effective in maintaining the health and growth of mammals, including cattle, is sodium.

Sodium in table salt helps maintain the health of the nervous system and helps regulate the absorption of calcium and other minerals. This means that the growth and strength of bones and muscles in livestock is directly related to the amount of salt intake.

Salt blocks for cattle

The amount of salt in the diet of livestock

There are different statistics and numbers on how much salt should be consumed. In the method of consumption, the experimental conditions are usually such that large pieces of salt are placed in the place where the animal lives, so that the animal itself needs the salt it needs by so-called licking. Absorb.

In this case, it should be said that there is no need for supervision and the animal itself licks the salt rock as much as it needs to, and the chances of a cow absorbing too much salt are very low, because even in case of overconsumption, the extra part of Will be excreted in the urine.

The above evidence shows that there is no need to adjust the amount of salt in the diet and the animal itself will adjust this amount.

Salt blocks for cattle

Buy cow rock salt from mine

Cow rock salts are sold by various intermediaries, however, for direct purchase from the mine, you can download your order directly from the mine. For this purpose, just contact us so that the colleagues based in the mine can send your order to the destination immediately.

It should be said that buying rock salt from the mine will be a better choice due to its more reasonable price, but doing so requires enough knowledge. Also, when buying cow rock salt, you should be careful that the purity of the rock is important and the lack of red streaks is very important. It is important.

It is possible to load all the rock salts by hand and in the package of 50 kg bags for export, call for price.

Salt blocks for cattle

Salt blocks for cattle Price

Price of salt block for cattle


for more information and delivery at destination country contact us.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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