Sale and export of Iran pink and blue rock salt

iran pink rock salt

Sale and export of Iran pink and blue rock salt, Iran Pink Salt, Rock salt mines in Iran, Persian blue salt wholesale,  pink salt capacity monthly 850 tons, blue salt 30 tons.

Sale and export of Semnan pink and blue salt rock, purchase of original blue salt, export of Semnan orange rock salt with jumbo bags, Semnan refined edible salt factory with a minimum purity of 99% and a reasonable price to send to all over the country.

Salt rock is one of the most characteristic types of mineral stones that is used in many different cases. Semnan salt ore mine is one of the largest salt mines in the country and even in the world that a large amount of Semnan salt ore is sent to different parts of the country annually.

In addition to meeting domestic demand, Semnan salt rock is also exported to many countries around the world. In this article, we try to provide explanations about Semnan salt rock at your service, dear ones.

Properties of pink salt

One of the most beautiful types of salt is pink salt, which can only be found in some of the world’s mines. Pink salt is also known as Himalayan salt. Because most of this type of salt rock is found in the Himalayas in Pakistan.

Semnan and Garmsar salt rock mines also have pink salt and this type of salt rock can be extracted from these mines. Pink salt has various mineral elements in its structure, among which we can mention magnesium. This type of salt is useful for treating many diseases. For example, in the treatment of skin diseases and joint pain, this type of salt can be used.

iran pink rock salt

Buy table salt from Semnan

After extracting salt rock from Semnan salt rock mine, these rocks are sent to salt processing factories to be processed and all kinds of edible and industrial salts are obtained from them. The only difference between table salt and industrial salt is that the purity of table salt is higher than that of industrial salt.

Edible salt that is produced in Semnan salt rock mine and Semnan salt factory, has a high quality and therefore many companies and stores across the country, to supply the required table salt from Semnan table salt factory to buy salt they do.

iran pink rock salt

Buy Iran blue salt

Semnan blue salt because it can be extracted in large volumes, so it is the best type of blue salt for export, because in the field of rock salt is always a shortage and unavailability, the most important factor to stop exports and increase the price of this product.

Of course, it is necessary to explain that the abundance of this product does not mean its abundance like other rock salts. Consider this example:

  • White salt rock can be transported and loaded 12,000 tons per month
  • Semnan blue salt can be extracted and extracted in the best condition of 40 tons per month

You can see there is a big difference, but it is a significant figure compared to crystal blue rock salt, which sometimes has a mining capacity of less than 800 kg per month.

iran pink rock salt

Export of Iran pink rock salt

In addition to meeting domestic needs, Semnan rock salt is also exported to various countries around the world. Countries like Iraq, as well as various European countries, have always been buyers of Semnan salt rock, and this type of salt rock is exported to these countries.

iran pink rock salt

Export of rock salt from Garmsar and Semnan to all neighboring countries is possible by presenting a valid business card.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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