Export of refined salt from Iran factory to Armenia

refined salt

Export of refined salt from Iran factory to Armenia, Where to buy unrefined salt, Unrefined salt with iodine, Iran edible salt factory, export iodized salt to Georgia, Armenia and Iraq.

Semnan Garmsar edible and industrial salt production factory, production unit of unrefined salt for industries, 25 kg and 40 kg bags, various types of granulated salt with pea, sugar and shell size.

The salt factory is one of the most important production factories in the world, which is engaged in the production of salt. The higher the quality of the salt produced in a factory, the higher the sales of the salt produced in the factory and the better its position in the market.

Today, all kinds of table salt, decorative rock salt and decorative salt are produced in the salt factory and marketed. In this article, we are going to talk about the characteristics of a salt factory with you dear ones. Stay with us until the end of this article.

Recrystallization salt production

In the salt production plant, various old and new methods are used to purify different types of rock salt. In older methods such as the hammering method and the hydromyl method, very small amounts of rock rock impurities are removed.

Today, in many salt factories, the recrystallization salt production method is used. In this method, all the impurities of rock salt are separated from rock salt due to the high temperature and heat that enters the rock rock. In the salt production plant, a variety of advanced and industrial devices are used to produce heat and temperature in the recrystallization salt production method.

 refined salt

The difference between refined and industrial salt

Unrefined or natural rock salts contain large amounts of impurities that are very dangerous to the body and provide a breeding ground for a variety of mutant and cancer cells. Today, in order to prevent gastrointestinal diseases, skin and cancer, salt rock is refined using very advanced devices.

Refined salt is produced by the separation of impurities and hazardous minerals in natural rock salt. Industrial salt is a type of unrefined salt that has a lower purity than edible and refined salts and is used to produce a variety of cosmetics.

refined salt

Refined salt manufacturer

Garmsar Salt Factory is one of the most important salt factories that has been producing various types of table and industrial salt for more than a few decades and has been very successful in this field.

In this factory, the best and most quality advanced devices are used for refining and producing all kinds of edible and industrial salts.

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refined salt

It is possible to deliver all kinds of unrefined industrial salt in different sizes per month in the amount of 1500 tons.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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