Export of Iran pink salt to India and turkey

Iran pink salt

Export of Iran pink salt to India and turkey, Rock salt mines in Iran, Manufacturer of pink salt in semnan, capacity of supply monthly 500 tons.

Export of Semnan colored salt to India and Europe, India and a number of European countries are the main destinations for buying colored salts in Semnan, in which blue and pink salts have a more colorful presence, but exporting Semnan colored salt has many complexities. Halito salt rock collection has solved all these cases easily.

 What are the uses of pink salt in Semnan?

Semnan province, with its large salt mines, supplies Iranian salt. And due to its salt caves and colorful mountains, it is one of the tourist attractions of Iran. Some of these salt crystals are pink, blue, indigo and red.

Semnan colored salt is marketed for animal, industrial, decorative and medicinal purposes. The use of these colored salts has become very popular in European countries, India and some Arab countries. They use salt stones for use in salt hotels and restaurants, decorations and salt baths.

Iran pink salt

Introducing Semnan blue salt

Semnan blue salt is one of the rare salt rocks in the world. The amount of impurities in rock salts varies. And the lower the amount of impurities in the stones, the clearer the stone will be. In Semnan stone mines, stones with blue and pink veins can be seen. The amount of minerals in them is different and blue salt rock has taken on this color due to its higher potassium content. It is more expensive and rarer because extraction of blue salt rock is very time consuming and has less inventory than other rocks. This stone is very little used in Iran due to its unknownness and is exported to other countries.

Iran pink salt

Export of rock salt from Semnan

Semnan province is one of the largest salt producers due to its many salt rock mines. And due to having the best type of rock salt, it offers the highest quality edible salt to the export market. As we said, Semnan blue rock is one of the most unique rocks and can be found only in Iran and Garmsar salt rock mines. And it does not exist in other countries, so Iran is the only exporter of blue salt to other European and American countries.

 Iran pink salt

Familiarity with Iran pink salt

In Garmsar mines of Semnan, different types of rock salt are extracted, including pink and red rock salt. Pink stone or Himalayan stone, in addition to Iran, also exists in Pakistan and in addition to food is also used for decorative purposes. The red color of these stones is due to the presence of iron in them. In our country, this stone is mostly used to produce salt bricks and salt rooms.

For the export of colored salt rock, Semnan delivers the salt rock to the buyers in the destination country by providing the necessary licenses.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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