Jahrom original halite crystal rock salt export center

halite crystal rock salt

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Jahrom crystal salt sales center, minimum orders of 1 ton, packing in 25 kg bags, export of crystal salt rock, possibility of monthly supply of 25 tons.

What is crystal rock salt?

crystal rock salt called in iran “Del Namak” is a white rock salt whose other name is halite. The heart of salt contains many useful minerals, which are used to strengthen eyesight, eliminate allergic reactions, treat cough, etc. It should be noted that extracting the heart of salt is a difficult, laborious and costly task compared to other salts.

One of the most important features of Del Naml is the high purity percentage of this salt and the absence of heavy metals in the composition of this rock salt. That is why it is very suitable for daily use and cooking.

halite crystal rock salt

Characteristics of Shah Alamdar Jahrom salt

Jahrom salt is a salt obtained from the evaporation of ocean water. In addition to oral consumption, this salt also has therapeutic properties.

Among the properties of Shah Alamdar Jahrom salt in the treatment of diseases, we can mention the combination of this rock salt with vinegar. This solution is nauseating. Also, if you mix this rock salt with milk, it will treat the spots on the surface of the skin.

We must know that the body and the muscles of the body need electrolytes in order to function well, in general electrolyte is a type of mineral substance. It should be noted that salt contains various minerals or electrolytes, which are very effective in improving muscle cramps.

Among other properties of heart salt is its use in traditional medicine. Due to the fact that the temperament of rock salt is dry and wet. Consuming rock salt in food and daily feed neutralizes the coldness of the stomach, and in other words prevents the stomach from turning sour.

One of the wonderful properties of salt is weight loss due to its correct consumption. If you consume regular salt, the body absorbs a lot of water. As a result, it causes false weight gain. As mentioned before, heart salt is naturally saltier than other salts available. As a result, its consumption is greatly reduced, and less water absorption occurs in the body.

halite crystal rock salt

Export of halite crystal rock salt

Due to its many benefits and uses, heart salt is extremely popular in the domestic market of Iran, and other countries are familiar with its amazing properties. Also, the rock salts extracted from Iran’s mines have the highest quality compared to other countries that have mines. Therefore, the export of transparent rock salt in our country is one of the most prosperous minerals exported to other countries.

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halite crystal rock salt

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