The largest rock salt factory in Iran

rock salt factory

The largest rock salt factory in Iran, supply and export rock salt to India, china, Russia, Iraq, turkey, UAE, Gerogia, orange rock salt, pink rock salt, white and red rock salt.

The largest salt rock packaging plant in Garmsar, monthly supply of up to 3000 tons of orange rock salt, monthly red rock salt up to 5000 tons in jumbo bag, recrystallization salt with purity of 99.2.

Rock salt is one of the types of natural minerals that is widely used in various industries, especially in the food industry, and is known as sodium chloride.

Garmsar salt factory is one of the most famous salt production factories in the country, whose product is of very high quality.

Today, due to increasing demand, the supply and purchase of this product has increased the number of rock salt factories in Garmsar to meet the needs of the market.

rock salt factory

Technical specifications of mineral rock salt

  1. The technical specifications of first-class and pure mineral salt rock include the following:
  2. One of the main features of this product is that it is completely colorless and very transparent in terms of appearance and color, but sometimes it is seen as very light and pale blue.
  3. These salts or minerals of sodium chloride are completely natural and are mostly mined in the heart of the mountains.
  4. If compounds such as uranium and carbon are present in this mineral, they cause the salts to darken and blacken.
  5. These models of rock salts are mostly available and found in evaporative, hot and relatively dry environments.
  6. Due to the presence and entry of impurities, this model of salts are converted into different colors, each of which has its own advantages and properties.
  7. Mineral and industrial salts have a lower purity than other salts, such as table salt, and this property is one of the unique properties of these minerals.
  8. In terms of atomic structure, it is more electrical than molecular, and this is the reason why this salt easily has a crystalline state and frequently changes from a liquid to a solid state.

rock salt factory

Sale of original rock salt of Garmsar factory

Garmsar salt rock factory is one of the main and largest salt rock production factories in the country and the quality of its products is much better and more than other regions.

rock salt factory

People who sell first-class salt rock should be careful to deliver the first-class and high-quality product to consumers with a proper packaging and in a completely hygienic way.

Contact us to order direct purchase from Garmsar rock salt factory, and for orders over 200 tons, information from 4 days in advance is required.

Source: Halito rock salt group

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