Purchase Iran pink salt from the manufacturer

Iran pink salt

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What is pink salt?

Pink salt is one of the types of salt that you may have heard of. This type of salt is extracted from salt mines, and Iran ranks first in the supply of pink salt among neighboring countries. Here we are going to express the benefits of this salt, its difference from blue salt, its export, etc.

Iran pink salt

Benefits of Iran pink salt

This type of salt has many therapeutic properties, which can be referred to as adjusting the body’s pH, treating gastric reflux, providing water to different organs of the body, etc. Treating blood pressure, increasing body strength, relieving sore throat, etc. are other therapeutic properties of Iranian pink salt.

Most people know that salt increases blood pressure, but this type of salt, due to the presence of minerals in its structure, regulates blood pressure and prevents it from increasing. It should be noted that this type of salt can be used to treat infectious diseases, treat coughs, solve skin problems, etc. To use pink salt, you can put some salt in some water and cover it. Keep the desired mixture for a few days so that the salt dissolves well in the water. Now you can combine the obtained solution with some water and then use it.

Iran pink salt

The difference between pink and blue salt

Blue salt is another type of salt that has been used by most people due to its high quality and nutritional value. This type of salt has different differences with pink salt, which can be mentioned as follows:

  1. One of the differences between these two types of salt is their color. Pink salt is pink in color, but blue salt is not completely blue, but has blue streaks in its crystals.
  2. Blue salt is actually the same table salt that is obtained from the salt mines of Semnan and Garmsar.
  3. Blue salt is rich in minerals and nutrients needed by the body, including iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, etc., each of which plays a unique role in the body.

Export of pink rock salt

Iran’s pink salt is exported to other countries, because Iran has many resources. There is a reputable center in the country that is engaged in exporting it. Halito salt stone center has been able to get everyone’s satisfaction.

Iran pink salt

The monthly export of pink salt is 850 tons in small and large bags of 1 ton.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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