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rock salt supplier

Supplier of Persian salt lamp and rock salt, rock salt in bulk, rock salt in bag, supply rock salt to India, Oman, Iraq, UAE, Georgia, Armenia.

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Buy decor rock salt

The scientific name of rock salt is halite, and it is considered one of the most well-known and useful types of minerals found in nature. Buying original and high-quality rock salt is one of the most important issues for many fans of this type of rock. Rock salt is known by the chemical formula of sodium chloride. This stone is rich in iron, manganese and potassium. The iron in rock salt creates red streaks in the rock.

The presence of manganese creates yellow and orange streaks in the stones. Potassium also causes rock salt to turn blue. The color of rock salt can help you identify the type of salts in it when you buy rock salt.

There are many applications of rock salt. Decorative salt stone is one of the most important aspects of salt stone. Buying the original salt stone is one of the most important challenges facing fans of this type of stone. Many people tend to buy rock salt from its mines. This is simply not possible. Therefore, one of the best solutions is to visit reputable stores to buy salt.

rock salt supplier

Persian salt lamp in Tehran

Buying rock salt is very difficult due to its artificial and non-original types in the market. Although there are many ways to distinguish original from non-original rock salt, we suggest that you buy these types of stones from reputable stores. Semnan province is one of the best places to get original rock salt due to its many salt mines. But traveling to Semnan province is not easily possible for all people. The best solution is to purchase and purchase original and high-quality rock salt from reputable online stores.

rock salt supplier

Purchase rock salt from the mine

Rock salt for animal feed is available in two colors, white and streaked, at the mine price. Also, it is necessary to explain that no loading fee is charged from the customer and all loading operations are done completely free of charge.

Livestock rock salt can be delivered abroad in bulk or in jumbo bags.

rock salt supplier

Rock salt to hard water

Resin recovery and water purification in all residential complexes and buildings is one of the most important issues related to every building, so supplying rock salt as soon as possible and also the type of rock salt is very decisive and necessary.

Halito rock salt collection will send the highest quality and rare edible rock salt in 20 kg bags as soon as possible and delivered on site with free shipping cost.

rock salt supplier


Rock salt supplier

The purchase of pink and blue rock salt and their consumption are highly regarded due to their numerous medicinal and therapeutic properties. Although pink and blue salt is very rare and rarely found in the world. Our country, Iran, is one of the countries with pink and blue rock salt. Blue salt rock is blue in color due to the presence of high amounts of potassium. Also, the pink rock salt found in the mines of Semnan province is as good as the famous Himalayan rock salt, and it is currently exported to different countries of the world.

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rock salt supplier

These types of salts are used for detoxification and are of better quality compared to other salts. As a result, a small amount of salt is enough to flavor the food.

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