Persian salt lamps various designs exceptional price

Persian salt lamps

Persian salt lamps various designs exceptional price, Cubic salt lamp, globe salt lamp, Pyramid salt lamp, salt bricks manufacturer, biggest salt lamp factory in Iran.

Illuminated salt stone with various designs, exceptional price, original decorative healing salt stone, very reasonable bulk purchase price, shipping with very strong packaging to all over the country, export of decorative products to neighboring countries.

The method of making decor rock salt

Illuminated rock salt is used in most homes today for the purpose of beauty and health. The low cost, efficiency and beauty of these stones have caused their use to increase day by day. There are several methods for making decorative rock salt, which we will discuss below. To prepare decorative salt or edible color that can be used in the kitchen, we first put some salt in a bowl. Then pour a few drops of food coloring on the salts and try to stir quickly so that they do not stick to each other and are completely mixed.

When all the salts are colored, spread them on a tray in a thin layer. Then we put the tray on a low heat like a heater and stir until the moisture of the salt is removed. After the salts dry, they can be poured into the salt shaker and consumed.

Illuminated salt rock is also considered a type of decorative salt rock. Preparation of decorative salt for purposes such as crafts and games is done by painting salt with paint, painting salt with liquid food coloring, painting salt with jelly food coloring, and painting salt with chalk.

Persian salt lamps

Manufacturer of Persian salt lamps

Chiragdar salt stone is one of the beautiful ornamental stones that is used in various cases. The buying and selling of these decorative stones is increasing day by day due to their beauty and reasonable cost. Salt statues, salt lampshades, candle holders that are made with illuminated salt stones are among the uses of this salt stone.

Rock salt has been chosen as a cover for light hundreds of years ago and used by various countries such as India and East Asia. We have to prepare the lighted salt stone from a high-quality stone, and not every stone is suitable for this. In order to produce this stone, we must pay attention to its beauty in addition to the purity of the stone, so that it will reach its maximum beauty after cutting.

Persian salt lamps

Decora rock salt sales center

Illuminated salt rock is placed in the category of decorative salt rock, which has a relatively good sales market today. The sale of decorative rock salt is wholesale and retail, which can be in person or online.

Persian salt lamps

Tehran is one of the cities that has been active in the field of production and sale of all kinds of decorative salt stones for a long time. In fact, Tehran can be considered the center of selling decorative salt stones. Because after buying raw rock salt from mines, they cut and prepare it and sell it in the market.

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