Purchase of powder salt from Garmsar salt factory

powder salt

Purchase of powder salt from Garmsar salt factory, 25 kg bags, our factory located in Garmsar, semnan, IRan, we are supplying salt to Iraq, Armenia, Georgia.

Purchase of export powdered salt from Garmsar Salt Factory, producer of granulated industrial salt, 25 kg bags and jumbo bags, monthly production of 2500 tons of unrefined salt.

How to extract rock salt from the mine

Powdered salt is one of the rock salt products. Salt that has many uses in industry and is exported to many countries.

Rock salt can be extracted from the bottom of all lakes that have dried up over the years or from stone mines. Meanwhile, extracting salt from rock salt mines is a more difficult task.

In the past, miners used shovels and pickaxes to find any metal or salt rock in the mines. In addition to fatigue, they mined a little rock salt.

Little by little, with the passage of time, rock salt was extracted from rock salt mines using the surface method. So that the surface of the mountain or mine was shaped like a hole horizontally or vertically using mechanical drills and hammers. Then the rock salt in it was extracted.

But nowadays it is created using horizontal drill holes in rock mines. Then, by placing explosives in the pits, the rock salt mines explode. In the final stage, rock salts are extracted from mines.

It should be mentioned that most of Iran’s salt mines are located in Semnan, South Khorasan and Isfahan provinces.

powder salt

Production of powder salt

Powdered salt is a type of industrial salt. To produce this type of salt, salt rocks are first extracted from salt rock mines in the aforementioned ways. Then they are powdered using special devices.

Powdered salts are not granular and are in the form of flour. This type of salt becomes pellets when wet. For this reason, to prevent moisture from penetrating the powdered salt, it should be stored in laminated bags.

powder salt

Application of powder salt in industry

As mentioned, this salt is one of the industrial salts and has many uses.

Powdered salt is used to prepare poultry feed, paper and leather. Also, many factories producing antifreeze and acid also use this salt.

powder salt

It should be mentioned that powdered salt has a small amount of impurities and is white and transparent, this feature can increase its price. On the other hand, the hard storage conditions of powdered salt cause its price to decrease.

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