Persian blue salt export to Europe 25 tons per month

Persian blue salt

Persian blue salt export to Europe 25 tons per month, Persian blue salt benefits, Persian blue salt wholesale, Where to buy Persian blue salt.

Semnan blue salt export to Europe 25 tons per month, 25 kg package salt for export, shrunk on pallets, with the lowest delivery rate at the destination, contact to buy bulk blue salt stone.

Properties of Persian blue salt

Persian blue salt is one of the types of mineral salts that has been considered by many people, especially nutritionists, due to the large amount of potassium, calcium and iron. Of course, due to the limited resources of blue salt in the world, its price is high and that is why its consumption inside Iran is very low and the highest amount of blue salt extracted from Iran’s mines to other countries, especially European countries. Be issued.

But aside from the high price of Semnan blue salt, its unique properties encourage everyone to use it. Among the properties of this type of salt can be mentioned the following:

  • Antiseptic and antibacterial properties
  • Treatment of hypertension
  • Treatment of hypothyroidism
  • Adjust body balance
  • Sleep regulation
  • Strong anti-stress
  • Fix some respiratory problems like bronchitis
  • Prevent muscle spasms
  • Disinfect the mouth and teeth
  • Ensuring heart health and preventing heart disease

Persian blue salt

Purchase Persian blue salt

The mines of Semnan province are one of the poles of blue salt production. Therefore, it is possible to buy Semnan blue salt from the factories of this city in bulk.

Due to the existence of numerous mines in this province, there are many factories in this province that use up-to-date and advanced machines to process all types of rock salts extracted from mines, including blue salt and colored rock salt, and they Are sold in bulk.

Persian blue salt

Export of blue salt

It is interesting to know that most of Semnan blue salt belongs to the export sector. The reason for this is the high price of this salt in Iran. This is why many people are reluctant to use this type of salt.

Persian blue salt

On the other hand, in other countries, especially European countries, this knowledge has been given to people regarding the properties of blue salt, and people include this type of salt in their diet to ensure their health. However, despite the huge resources of blue salt in Iran, our people still do not have enough information about its properties and how to consume it. Of course, the export of blue salt in recent years has been able to have a good exchange rate for Iran.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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