Iran Salt Factory producer of edible salt 500 gram package

Iran Salt Factory

Iran Salt Factory producer of edible salt 500 gram package, export of refined iodized salt to Iraq, Georgia, Armenia, monthly 500 tons.

Tehran salt factory producing 400 and 500 g salt, edible salt factory, iodized salt production factory, edible salt packaged in weights of 300 400 500 g and 1 kg, refined salt with exceptional price.

Manufacturer of Edible salt

Tehran Salt Factory is engaged in salt production. This factory has been able to meet more than half of the country’s needs. Industrial salts are one of the types of salts that are produced and used by people today. These types of salts have different uses in industrial production. Some people consider this type of salt to be the same as table salt, but in this regard, it should be said that table salts are different from industrial salts, which can be divided into their components; Their nature and …. pointed out.

In other words, industrial salts, due to the necessary standards, in addition to sodium chloride, also have other impurities that are harmful to human health, thus converting industrial salts into feed salts in a unique way. In fact, table salt is a type of pure sodium chloride.

Iran Salt Factory

Garmsar Refined Salt Factory

You may have heard the name of Garmsar industrial salt several times. This type of salt is known as one of the best salts due to its high quality, as a result, Garmsar Industrial Salt Factory has been able to occupy a special place.

Garmsar salt mine is located around Semnan province. In fact, this mine is located in one of the diversion roads in Qom-Garmsar freeway. It should be noted that this mine is located after Garmsar salt factory and is considered as one of the tourist attractions.

Iran Salt Factory

Purchase from Iran Salt Factory

As mentioned, Tehran Salt Factory is one of the reputable active factories that has been able to meet more than half of the country’s needs by producing and supplying salt. Buying from Tehran Salt Factory has many advantages, such as its very reasonable price, high quality, and so on. It should be noted that the low price of salts is not the reason for their low quality, but due to the elimination of intermediaries, the selling price of salts has decreased.

Iran Salt Factory

Halito Salt Stone Center is one of the centers that provides salt to customers at factory prices. It goes without saying that the Halito Salt Stone Center has created the conditions for face-to-face sales and has been able to occupy a special place due to the high quality of the products.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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