Manufacturer of Salt bricks for cattle in Iran

Salt bricks for cattle

Manufacturer of Salt bricks for cattle in Iran, salt lick for goats, mineral salt block for goats, mineral salt block for cattle, export cattle salt block to india.

Buy bulk cattle rock salt from miner, white salt rock with three different qualities, one-handed white salt rock, streaked white salt rock, sell livestock salt rock at mine door price.

Mineral salt block for cattle

One of the main and most important uses of rock salt is its use in farms, which uses this natural mineral for animal feed and the salt they need is absorbed through this.

Due to the fact that livestock, especially cattle, need minerals such as salt for their health, and if the required amount of salt in their food is not provided, their health may be endangered and they become ill, so the owners of farms and To keep their livestock healthy, ranchers are looking to buy and use the best type of rock salt to help keep cows healthy.

Livestock rock salt is one of the most important products that is extracted from rock salt mines for livestock use and supplied to farms.

Halito rock salt company is the largest supplier of animal salt rock in Iran, which in addition to the domestic market exports a variety of this product to international markets.

Salt bricks for cattle

Cattle salt licks for sale

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, rock salt is produced in different forms and sent to farms and livestock in different parts of the country.

The difference in the type of rock salt depends on the target market of this product, so that if the buyer is rock salt in the country, naturally the rock rock is sent in the form of lumps and in the form that is extracted from the mine in the same way for the buyer throughout Iran.

But for foreign buyers, the same product must be prepared and supplied in 15 kg bags, and for some other buyers, it must be in carton packaging, in which case we cut the rock salt into cubes or circles.

Halito rock salt company is the only collection in Iran that cuts salt rock in a circle and is available in red, orange and white colors.

Salt bricks for cattle

How to put weight on sheep fast

One of the effects of rock salt on livestock is to increase their physical growth. If their body does not get the salt they need, their growth will be difficult and they may get sick.

This is especially important for sheep. If the sheep do not grow enough, their milk production will be disrupted and their meat will not be large enough and they will not be suitable for selling and producing livestock and meat products.

Experience has shown that the use of salt in the diet of livestock stimulates the animal to drink more water and forage, resulting in rapid weight gain of the sheep in the shortest time.

Salt bricks for cattle

Is rock salt good for cows?

As mentioned earlier in sheep, rock salt can have a significant effect on the growth of cows and their milk production.

By providing the salt needed by the body, the growth of cows is normal and the possibility of them contracting dangerous animal diseases is reduced and the health of cows will be maintained and they will grow properly.

Maintaining the health of livestock and on the other hand better absorption of forage and concentrate will cause rapid growth of cattle.

Salt bricks for cattle

Is salt poisoning true?

Although salt is one of the most important and necessary minerals for the body, overuse of it, as it may endanger human health, will be harmful to cattle and other livestock. Poisoning may be due to over-use of rock salt by livestock, or livestock rock salt may contain other elements and salts that are harmful to animal health.

If you use white rock salt for farming, there will be no problem, but the excessive use of red and orange rock salt for animal feed, due to the high amount of iron in this type of rock salt, will lead to the possibility of animal poisoning.

Export Salt bricks for cattle to India

Given that Iran is one of the largest holders and exporters of salt rock in the world and except Iran and a few other limited countries such as Pakistan, no other country in the Middle East has huge resources for this type of rock.

Due to the proximity of our country Iran to Qatar, the export of animal salt from Iran to Qatar will naturally be cheaper for buyers of animal salt in Qatar, but the main problem regarding the export of salt stone like other products is the type of packaging that must comply with Be the standard of the destination country.

To solve this problem, Halito rock salt company has defined packages suitable for the Qatari market and has been considered so that the Iranian exporter can easily offer the product in the destination market.

  • Rock lump salt with a 15 kg bag
  • Cut cube rock special for animal feed with carton packaging
  • Circular cut rock salt similar to the sample of Pakistan with carton packaging
  • Prepare rock salt with all 3 of the above packages and a variety of colors white, orange and red

In addition to preparing salt rock cut in a completely professional and skillful way, Halito salt rock collection can deliver salt rock in Qatar for the buyers of this product.

Salt bricks for cattle

Dear trader, if you want to sell animal rock salt to your customer in India, we can do it for you in zero to one hundred in the shortest time.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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