Salt Distributor in Iran decor rock salt pink and edible salt

Salt Distributor

Salt Distributor in Iran decor rock salt pink and edible salt, Bulk salt supplier, pink salt manufacturer and wholesaler in 25 kg bag.

Distribution of pink, edible, blue, decorative and hardening salt in Tehran, Halito salt rock collection, the largest producer and provider of various types of salt and rock salt in Tehran and other cities, delivery all days of the week.

Today, there are many industries that use large volumes of industrial and edible salt. Such as: petrochemical, leather, aluminum, agriculture, rubber, health and cosmetics, for animal feed, etc. In fact, industrial salt is always next to the field of industry and is an integral part of it. So if you live in industrial cities, you should know that you can have a good income by having an industrial and edible salt distribution agency.

Decor rock salt in Tehran

Another application of rock salt is its use in the preparation of decorative rock salt. And they use it to beautify the environment, homes, offices and places of relaxation. These decorative stones have been welcomed by many people in Tehran and other cities of Iran due to their specialness and beautiful effect on the environment. Some believe that these stones eliminate the negative energy of the environment.

Salt Distributor

Introduction of rock salt for water

Another application of rock salt is in resin reduction and water purification. In other words, it hardens the water. The water we use in our daily lives and the water we use in industry are all hard water. Water hardness not only affects our lives, but also our industries. Since water is used to produce most products, the hardness and softness of the water have a great impact on the quality of the product. Rock salt naturally removes water hardness and softens it without damaging the devices.

Salt Distributor

Salt Distributor and wholesaler

Garmsar edible salt is one of the best edible salts. In one of the Garmsar mines, a type of natural stone is extracted, the purity of which is 99.5%. This rock salt is very good for oral consumption. Animal salt as a dietary supplement also plays an important role in weight gain, increase milk production, increase reproduction in them. And this has led farmers to prepare and buy these salts. There are many centers that distribute salt and sell rock salt.

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Salt Distributor

Halito rock salt complex is the largest supplier and producer of bulk and cut animal feed rock salt.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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