The factory of persian salt lamp

persian salt lamp

The factory of persian salt lamp with a wooden base,  In various models, Globe, Pyramid, salt bricks, salt block, salt soap.

Wooden base decorative salt stone production factory, wholesale purchase of decorative salt stone, cheap salt stone without lights, wooden base decorative salt stone, ball, pyramid, cube model, very exceptional wholesale price, shipping to all over the country.

Decorative salt stone is one of the types of salt stones. This stone is mostly used for decorating and decorating houses. In fact, rock salt is extracted from mines and cut into different shapes in factories and used. From the past until now, salt has been used as a substance to remove negative energies and replace positive energies. Today, special attention is paid to it and many people are looking for decorative rock salt to use in their home decor.

The effect of rock salt for air purification

As mentioned in the introduction, the uses of rock salt are countless. Decorative salt stone is not only used for home decoration. But it has many benefits for people and residents of the house. In fact, decorative salt creates a relaxing atmosphere with lots of positive energy in the environment. The use of decorative rock salt in the environment makes the air in the environment purify and clean. For this reason, it is possible to reduce the pollution in the home or work environment. It should be mentioned that today the use of rock salt is used in the walls and construction of some buildings. Its purpose is only to use its benefits such as creating positive energy and purifying the air.

persian salt lamp

Wholesale of rock salt, Van Yakad

Van Yakad salt rock is one of the most famous decorative items. This decorative rock salt is used by many people and has many benefits. Because both the Quranic verse is written on it and it spreads positive energy. The wholesale sale of single stone is our specialty. If you are looking for a reliable center to buy such stones in bulk, our company will meet your needs in the best way.

persian salt lamp

Purchase Persian salt lamp

Decorative salt stones can be found in different models and designs in the market. If you intend to buy this type of decorative stones, you can visit the market and the samples available in it. Choose the most suitable and beautiful model for your home or workplace and give yourself peace of mind by placing it in a suitable place. You can visit our website to buy decorative salt stones and communicate with our experts.

persian salt lamp

Halito rock salt collection is the largest producer of decor rock salt in Iran.

Source: Halito rock salt Company

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