Export white rock salt to turkey

white rock salt

Export white rock salt to turkey, the best white rock salt in bulk for Cut, crystal rock salt purity over 99.8 % like glass.

Export of salt to Turkey, export of glass and crystal clear rock salt, white rock salt for completely icy cutting, orange and red and blue edible grade rock salt, various types of salt bricks.

Today, the amount of salt exports to Turkey has increased significantly because it has many applicants; This is very important economically because it leads to business development and increased employment in the country. The named rock salts are prepared completely organically and have a very high quality.

white rock salt

white rock salt uses

In this article, we intend to examine the characteristics of the original salt rock for you dear ones in order to increase your awareness in this field and obtain the necessary information; So please stay with us until the end of the speech in the hope that it will be useful and effective for you.

The named rock salts have a very white and bright color and no dark spots are observed on them.

The gloss of these products is very high and they have a crystal structure that can be easily understood by looking and holding.

Pure rock salt is free of any carbon, uranium and other additives and has a very low hardness.

Another interesting feature of these products is their ability to reflect light, so when they are placed in a dark environment, they easily begin to radiate and shine.

They have a very salty taste and as soon as they are exposed to the open air and exposed to oxygen, they change in color and crystal structure.

The above-mentioned stones have the ability to scratch on the glass without suffering any scratches or damage.

In different environments, these products are used to repel harmful and dangerous rays such as ultraviolet because they have the ability to absorb them.

The crystals in their structure are well visible to the naked eye and are constantly becoming liquid and solid.

white rock salt

Export white rock salt to turkey

In Halito rock Salt company, we offer rock salts related to the Turkish market and all products can be delivered to all cities in Turkey.

white rock salt

Buying the product without intermediaries and on the other hand doing zero to one hundred export affairs has made the work very easy for the buyers, so you can buy any of the even rare rock salts through Halito rock salt Company.

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