Export of Iran red rock salt to India

Iran red rock salt

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What is red rock salt its characteristics?

Rock salt is mostly extracted from the oceans. These stones are formed from the evaporation of thousands and millions of tons of water over the years. After the evaporation of these waters, the salt in them remains, and they have gathered together and turned into salt rocks in the depths of the earth, waiting to become underground minerals. Red rock salt is one of the famous sea salts that we are going to discuss in this article.

Iran red rock salt

Important characteristics of sea salt and red rock salt

Due to the higher concentration of chemical elements in red salt, this type of rock salt is healthier. Nutritionists claim that red rock salt reduces the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, increases energy and improves sleep by clearing the air of pollutants such as dust and pollen. It apparently does this by absorbing water molecules from the air and releasing negative ions from the air. Many natives of Semnan, who have a history of healing, use red salt to cure many diseases.

Iran red rock salt

Red salt rock lampshade

Nowadays, the use of rock salt lampshades has increased a lot. But the stones used to make these lampshades are pink salt and red salt. These stones have many customers due to their warm and beautiful color. This red light brings more elegance, eye-catching and patterns to the environment. Salt lampshades are used as decorative objects because of these features. Also, red salt stone lampshades can be considered as gifts for people.

Why does rock salt turn red?

The reason why the salts turn red or brown is that when the rock salt is extracted from the salt mines, they also carry a small amount of other minerals from the underground rocks. Of course, red rock salt is better than white salt for use as table salt. Red salt is also used for salt therapy. But other colored salts are mostly decorative. Compared to white salt, red salt has better quality and more minerals.

Iran red rock salt

Export of Iran red rock salt

For the export of red rock salt to India, Iraq and Turkey, Halito’s rock salt collection prepares up to 900 tons of this product per month and provides it to the buyers. It also prepares all the necessary documents for export and carries out customs operations from zero to one hundred. to give

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Source: Halito rock salt Company

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