Purchase rock salt from Iran salt factory

Iran salt factory

Purchase rock salt from Iran salt factory, edible refined salt, iodine salt, uniodine salt, white rock salt, purity 99.5 %, pink salt in 25 kg bag.

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Distribution salt for resin recovery

At first, we will introduce you with a short explanation of hard salt so that you can understand the special importance of this product.

Hard water is water that has a lot of calcium and magnesium and is known as unhealthy drinking water. With the help of hard salt, these water elements can be reduced and purified. At Tehran Salt Factory, this product can be offered to It is all over the country.

Currently, the presence of hard water in construction facilities and apartments is like a deadly poison, because in addition to harming the human body after drinking it, it also damages extensive facilities and construction pipes and deposits deposits, which makes buying hard salt one of the It is one of the main concerns of building managers.

Distribution of hard salt in Tehran is done in cooperation with Tehran Salt Factory, which offers first-class products in large quantities.

 Iran salt factory

Buy edible salt from the factory

As you know, edible salt is an inseparable part of human life, which is tied to ninety percent of foods and is used as a popular flavoring that is widely used all over the world.

This product is offered by the edible salt factory in Tehran with high quality and is sent to the whole country in various packages. Also, many foreign countries are also looking to buy high-quality Iranian salt, which have become regular customers of our collection.

Buying edible salt, which is one of the most important and widely used food items needed by humans, can be easily done through our collection.

Iran salt factory

Iran Salt Factory

Iran is a country with lakes and mines full of salt, where all kinds of salt such as pink salt, blue salt, edible salt, etc.

By sending salt daily and loading it from Tehran’s warehouse, our collection will be able to send salt at any hour of the day and night, and the price set on our high-quality products is very reasonable and will include a discount in case of bulk purchase.

Iran salt factory

The salt factory is located in Tehran and has the ability to send all kinds of salt in large quantities all over the country, just register your order on our website to benefit from our special services.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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