The main manufacturer of Persian globe salt lamp

Persian globe salt lamp

The main manufacturer of Persian globe salt lamp, salt balls, salt bricks factory, several sizes, with wooden base, in cheap price.

Major producer of salt balls in Qom, Tabriz, Isfahan, wholesale sale of salt balls in Mashhad, Sari, Shiraz, price of decorative salt stones, decorative salt lampshades, crystalline salt stones, contact us to get a salt stone representative in your city.

Benefits of massage salt rock balls

Rock salt massage is considered a dream experience, now that daily life is tied to electronic devices and the Internet, whose very harmful rays leave negative effects on our body daily and expose us to many diseases. give

According to the experiments conducted on the compounds of rock salt and its positive effects on the body system, this product can be called a miracle to remove harmful rays from the body.

If you massage your body with a rock salt ball, you will find that it cleans away the dead layers of the skin, and this ball gives the body a pleasant warmth that will be very therapeutic for inflamed muscles and joints.

Persian globe salt lamp

Decor rock salt at home

In addition to the wonderful massage by the rock salt ball, it can be used as a decorative item at home, and if you are interested in feng shui, you can also use rock salt as one of the factors to remove negative energy from the home. .

This product has the ability to be formed and is presented in shapes such as spheres, night lights and other decorative items, but its real shape is very beautiful and stunning without any change in it, which is unique in addition to its beauty. It can bring its positive and energetic properties into the home space.

One of the reasons for the use of decorative salt stone for decoration can be pointed to its very diverse designs and shapes, which is one of the most beautiful designs to make a bedside lamp by combining it with wood, metal, etc., which we will discuss further.

Persian globe salt lamp

Persian globe salt lamp production

Bedside lamp is one of the most popular designs with a ball of salt rock, which, in addition to the stunning beauty it gives to the environment, can help reduce stress, create balance and inner peace.

Persian globe salt lamp

Due to the composition of the rock salt ball, the light emitted from it is very soft and beautiful, which adds to your relaxation during sleep. And it is wood or metal, which increases the beauty of the product.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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