Export of blue rock salt Grade A to Australia

refined iodized salt

Export of blue rock salt Grade A to Australia, capacity supply monthly 600 kg, Blue salt Grade B capacity monthly 5000 kg.

Purchase of blue salt rock for export to Australia, supply of blue salt rock on a monthly basis, possibility of sending worldwide and delivery in the destination country, choice of packaging is the responsibility of the buyer.

Familiarity with blue rock salt

Blue salt rock is one of the special examples of nature. This type of salt with different elements appears in a way that shows a halo of blue color. This blue color is due to the presence of potassium in a higher degree than It is normal.

What is blue salt and what are its properties?

Salt is a nutrient with many chemical properties. This substance contains elements such as sodium and chlorine. Normally, salt is seen in the form of white crystalline crystals, but blue salt rock, due to the presence of the mineral potassium in it with a higher percentage than other salts, creates an aura of blue color. It is known as blue salt rock.

Among its properties, we can name a very interesting combination of calcium and potassium. These two substances, together with the element chlorine, give high disinfectant properties to blue salt rock. In addition, blue salt is a nutrient for the mind and concentration.

Blue salt rock can also be used as a stress reliever and blood pressure regulator. In addition, its antidepressant power can be considered as a useful drug to treat this type of disease.

refined iodized salt

Premium blue salt crystal mine

Blue salt rock is found as a raw material in the mines of northern Iran, including Semnan. This rust has a high price due to its rarity and is known and extracted in the mines of Semnan as premium blue salt rock. These crystal mines from which blue rock salt is extracted are very valuable and have been considered by many countries. This salt in the mines can be mentioned as one of the export materials for European and American countries.

refined iodized salt

Blue rock salt exports to Australia

Blue rock salt is produced and exploited on a very large scale for export to European countries, including Germany, the United States and France. Recently, Australia has been added to the list of recipients as one of the main applicants for this precious material.

refined iodized salt

By exporting this stone to various countries, including Australia, it can be realized that this food is given special security and attention, and adding it to a variety of food items can have very beneficial effects on the human body.

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