Wholesale of salt bricks 10×20 thickness 3 cm

Wholesale of salt bricks

Wholesale of salt bricks 10×20 thickness 3 cm, salt bricks dimension 10*15*3 cm, grill salt block 20*30*5 cm, supply salt bricks to Turkey, Iraq, Uae.

Wholesale sale of salt brick 10×20, thickness 3 cm, the largest salt brick production center in Iran, salt brick in small sizes, restaurant salt brick, flat salt stone for cooking in single size 15×25, large size 20×40.

Salt brick is actually the same salt stone that has been given precise cuts using a machine. This product is cut in a rectangular shape with standard dimensions, but at the time of cutting, care should be taken to choose the right rock salt for the brush. If the wrong rock salt is chosen, the salt brick will not last long.

Salt brick is stronger and has a higher density than other products in the market. The high strength of this type of brick has caused it to have high resistance during cutting and provide an exact shape similar to a brick.

What is medicinal salt?

Medicinal salt is usually obtained from running spring water, Iranian medicinal salts are obtained from springs such as Fars salt domes, the salts in these springs are of high purity and are obtained completely organically.

Medicinal salts are not made under any kind of chemical process and are obtained from natural springs. People who use this salt are more interested in the healing properties of this type of salt. The ions present in medical salt control blood pressure, and minerals such as potassium and calcium have a great effect on blood pressure regulation.

Wholesale of salt bricks

The method of building a salt therapy clinic

Salt bricks play an important role in the design of the salt therapy clinic and the construction of the salt room, but you need a permit to build a salt therapy clinic. Salt therapy is done using salt rooms in both dry and wet ways, for this they use salt room equipment.

The properties of salt bricks are not only limited to controlling blood pressure, but in salt rooms, this product is also used for rheumatic pains and reducing inflammations related to the spine. Also, for people who have respiratory problems, they use the dry method. In this method, they get help from salt caves to treat diseases.

Salt rooms are not only used to treat various diseases, but some people use the space of these rooms to control their stress and anxiety in order to experience a relaxing atmosphere.

Wholesale of salt bricks

Wholesale of salt bricks

The price of this type of salt has a direct relationship with its dimensions, and the colors in the salt brick cause a difference in the price of the salt brick. The most important thing that you should pay attention to at the time of purchase is that this product is bulky. If the salt brick you bought is not Gunya, you will face problems when building salt rooms.

Wholesale of salt bricks

Salt brick is only sold in bulk, it is also one of the best selling products that are used to build salt therapy clinics and salt caves. The main use of this type of brick is usually for building salt walls and salt rooms.

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