Iran Powder Salt Factory Laminate Bag Packaging

Iran Powder Salt

Iran Powder Salt Factory Laminate Bag Packaging, Salt manufacturers in Iran, Persian pink salt, Iran industrial salt factory, supply to Iraq, India and Georgia.

Powdered salt factory without crystals, laminated bag, since powdered salt has a high moisture absorption power, it should be packed in laminated bags, the possibility of delivering powdered salt similar to flour in 25 kg bags, 500 tons per month.

Powdered salt is obtained in the form of solid crystals, then it is powdered using a special technology. This type of salt is incorporated into food earlier than crystalline salt. Therefore, it is used in some cases, such as cooking, food processing, and the preparation of different types of cheese and sauces. Some people use powdered salt instead of crystal salt to reduce the consumption of salt in food.

How to extract rock salt from the mine

Powdered salt is extracted from salt mines and its extraction steps are as follows:

  • Drilling a well:  First, a deep well is dug in the ground. This well is placed in the middle of the mine and a short wall is built for it like a water well.
  • Creating tunnels:  After the well is dug, tunnels are dug along the length of the mine on both sides of the well. These tunnels are designated as salt extraction sites.
  • Water pumping:  after digging the tunnels, the water inside the mine is drawn out. Because this water contains salt.
  • Evaporation of water:  In the extraction of powdered salt, after pumping the water, the water is stored in tanks. After this preservation, salt is removed from the water by evaporation. This operation lasts for several weeks or months.
  • Collecting salt: After water evaporates, salt is collected in the form of large crystals. These crystals are cut and crushed to the required size for use in various industries.

The most important salt mines in the world are located in countries such as Iran, America, China, Russia and Canada.

Iran Powder Salt

Production of rock salt powder

To produce powdered salt, first, rock salt must be extracted from the mine and crushed to a size that can be easily powdered. At this stage, depending on the need and final destination of the rock salt powder, it may be necessary to sort and clean the rock salt.

Then the crushed rock salt is transferred to a powder making machine. This machine uses a conveyor belt and metal wheels to transfer rock salt into a crushing part. In this part, rock salt is crushed and turned into powder. Then the produced powder is packed in suitable containers through a filtration and separation system.

Iran Powder Salt

Iran Powder Salt

Powdered salt is one of the important products of the salt industry, which is produced in many countries and exported to other countries. The export of powdered salt is one of the important sources of income for salt producing countries.

To export powdered salt, you must first look for buyers in other countries. For this purpose, various methods can be used, such as attending industrial exhibitions, using online business platforms, and establishing relationships with distribution companies abroad.

Also, to export powdered salt, you must produce salt in accordance with international regulations and standards, such as HACCP and FDA standards. You must export salt by observing the laws related to international trade such as import tariffs and appropriate transportation solutions.

Iran Powder Salt

Proper packaging is also very important in exporting salt. The packaging should be the same as the appearance of the product and conform to international standards. Using strong and appropriate packaging reduces the risk of damage to the product during transportation.

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