Wholesale of refined salt at the best price

Wholesale of refined salt

Wholesale of refined salt at the best price, refined salt in 25 kg bag, with iodine or without iodine, supply to Armenia, Georgia, Iraq.

Wholesale sale of refined salt at the best price, hydromil refined salt, recrystallized salt, in 20 kg and 25 kg bags, purity percentage 99.2 and above, monthly production and supply capacity of 600 tons.

Refined salt production method

We all know salt. It can be said that salt is one of the main seasonings that all people add to their food. Also, this food has a lot of value for the human body due to the presence of sodium and chlorine.

Today, unlike in the past, salt is refined in factories and is provided to people in the form of refined salt.

To prepare refined salt in factories, the following steps are performed:

First, the rock salt extracted from the mines is ground and dissolved in pure water. As a result of this, a solution is obtained that is saturated with salt water.

In this step, a series of chemicals are added to the solution so that the magnesium and calcium are completely precipitated and the insoluble materials are removed.

Then the salt water solution is passed through sand filters to remove particles smaller than 30 microns in it.

In the next step, the solution is evaporated to form pure salt crystals. Then they are separated using a centrifuge. Salt crystals are washed in a centrifuge and iodine is added to them.

Salt crystals are dried using hot air flow in dryer and transferred to storage silos. In the final stage, the obtained refined salt is packed by fully automatic machines.

Wholesale of refined salt

The difference between refined and natural salt

During the process of producing refined salt, many substances are taken from it. One of these substances, which is very useful for body cells and its deficiency causes some diseases such as seizures, is magnesium ion.

Another substance that is taken from it in the process of producing refined salt is zinc. Zinc promotes the growth of body cells and is especially necessary for children who are of growing age.

This is why traditional Iranian medicine prefers the use of natural salt, especially sea salt, to refined salt.

Wholesale of refined salt

Wholesale of refined salt

For direct purchase of various types of salt such as refined salt, you can contact the Halito collection. Halito Group is one of the largest and most reliable companies that operates in the field of producing and selling all kinds of salt.

Wholesale of refined salt

It is enough to call the contact numbers listed on the Halito collection website. Our colleagues are always ready to respond to our dear customers.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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