Major producer of Iran pink salt

Iran pink salt

Major producer of Iran pink salt in semnan, Where to buy pink salt, pink salt manufacturer, supplier of orange rock salt, red rock salt, blue rock salt.

Major producer of Semnan pink salt, the largest pink salt mine in Iran, pink salt production factory with a monthly production capacity of 850 tons, fine grain pink salt, coarse grain Semnan pink salt with a very exceptional price.

The difference between pink salt and regular salt

The difference between pink salt and regular salt depends on various factors such as the difference in taste, minerals, structure and color of the salts. The general structure of all types of salt consists of minerals called sodium chloride, which have been extracted in different ways.

Because Semnan pink salt is extracted by hand, therefore minimal processing is done on it. As a result, the resulting salt does not contain any additives and is more natural than normal salt.

The iron in Semnan pink salt causes its pink color. Normal salt has many differences in terms of quality with the pink salt of Semnan due to its type, extraction and production method.

Sodium plays an important role in the biological functions of the body such as communication between nerves, electrical balance of the body and muscle contraction.

Consuming too little or too much common salt can cause many problems for its consumers. For this reason, many people prefer to use pink salt instead of regular salt.

 Iran pink salt

Is pink salt edible?

Pink salt has the best minerals and salts for the body. Pink salt is found in a very limited number of salt sources in the world. One of the sources of this salt in Iran is Semnan pink salt in the Semnan salt mines. Pink salt is rich in iron.

Iron is one of the most important and essential of the 84 necessary elements of the body. Nutritionists have identified pink salt as the healthiest and best salt, which is very beneficial for health.

Semnan pink salt has the following properties:

  • Improve the functioning of the digestive system
  • Regulating the amount of water in the body
  • Helping to eliminate toxic substances from fat tissues and skin
  • Strengthening body tissues, skin and bones
  • Reducing acid reflux and promoting healthy Ph in body cells
  • Improve blood sugar health
  • Reducing body muscle cramps
  • Prevent low blood pressure
  • Sending impulses to the nervous system
  • Preventing dehydration and maintaining correct fluid balance
  • Expansion and stretching of the body

Iran pink salt

Iran pink salt producer

Pink salt is found and extracted in the salt mines of Semnan and Garmsar. Many factories across the country buy pink salt from rock salt mines and provide it to various industries after processing.

Iran pink salt

Apart from edible uses, Semnan pink salt is also used in the production and use of all kinds of ornamental items.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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