The main sales office of blue salt powder in Iran

blue salt powder

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Garmsar blue salt powder can be introduced as a luxury and rare salt that can only be found in Iran’s salt mines. The difference between this salt and white salt is not only limited to the difference in their color, but blue salt contains elements such as potassium and calcium. Blue salt is a special choice for people who care about the good taste of their food and their health. Along with its unique properties, the Garmsar blue salt rock has a high percentage of purity.

blue salt powder

 The most expensive salt in the world

Blue salt powder or Persian blue salt, which can only be found in the city of Garmsar in Iran, is world famous. Why is blue salt the most expensive and popular type of salt? Blue salt, like gold, caviar and saffron, besides its unique properties, has limited resources. As we said, the world’s only blue salt mine is located in the city of Garmsar Semnan, which has attracted the attention of the world. The high price of this product is due to its attractive color and therapeutic properties. This salt is usually turned into powder after discovery and extraction and is available to consumers.

blue salt powder

How to use blue salt

Garmsar blue salt has a different taste and medicinal properties due to its different structure and special elements. Now the question arises as to how to use this salt to get the best results. Blue salt, like white salt, is used in powder form. Seasoning seafood with blue salt is a special suggestion that gives a wonderful taste to the food. Also, adding some water salt to daily foods provides the potassium needed by the body in addition to the good taste. Some manufacturers of soaps and skin cleansers also give clear and tender skin to consumers by adding some blue salt in their products.

 blue salt powder

Purchase blue salt powder

The high price of blue salt has caused it to be bought and sold in packages of one kilo. Contrary to expectations, blue salt is not used much in the country and is often exported to continental Europe and America. Considering the high price of blue salt powder, buying original salt at a reasonable price is the priority of Iranian and foreign buyers.

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Halito rock salt collection meets the domestic and foreign market’s need for this salt by extracting and professionally packaging blue salt. Buyers can buy original salt at a fair price by buying directly from this collection.

Source: Halito rock salt Company

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