Iran Salt Factory produces granulated salt

Iran Salt Factory

Iran Salt Factory produces granulated salt located in Garmsar, industrial salt .5 mm to 5 mm size, in 25 kg and 1000 kg packing, supply to Iraq, UAE, Armenia.

Garmsar salt factory producing granulated salt, to buy Garmsar salt, industrial rock salt, all types of granulated salt with purity higher than 98%, special packaging for export in 1 ton bags.

Familiarity with recrystallized salt

Garmsar Salt Factory is one of the largest factories in the country, which after extracting salt, refines it completely and by recrystallization method.

The salts that are extracted from mines or the bottom of lakes have many impurities such as toxic metals such as lead and arsenic, sand and sand.

It should be noted that the presence of many impurities in salt causes people to feel the salty taste of salt later. For this reason, by consuming more salt and the impurities in it, they suffer from various diseases.

For this reason, many factories purify the extracted salt in two partial and complete ways. Recrystallized salt is a completely refined salt.

The recrystallized salt available in the Garmsar salt factory has regular, clear and cubic crystals.

In this method, first all salts are dissolved in water pools and after complete purification, they recrystallize using high temperature.

Salt that is completely refined has less moisture and impurities than salt that is partially refined.

Iran Salt Factory

The difference between hydromil salt and recrystallization

Hydromil salt is also a type of fully purified salt, Hydromil is a type of salt purification device. The amount of energy used in the production of recrystallization salt and hydromil salt is different from each other, so that the energy used to produce hydromil salt is less.

The amount of equipment depreciation and water used in the production of hydromil salt is much lower than that of recrystallization salt. For this reason, recrystallized salt has a much higher price and is considered a type of export salt.

Meanwhile, the hydromill method is more suitable for purifying sea salts. But recrystallized salt is the result of refining all kinds of mineral and sea salts. It should be noted that the amount of impurities in recrystallization salt is much less than hydromil salt.

Iran Salt Factory

Unrefined granulated salt

Now that you are familiar with refined salts, you should know that in addition to refined and iodized salts that are widely used in the food industry, unrefined salts, which are so-called industrial salts, are also widely used in the production of edible salt. They take over the production.



Halito rock salt collection uses high purity rock salt to produce all kinds of granulated salt, as a result, the unrefined salts produced in this collection have very high purity.

For export orders, it is possible to pack salt in 25 kg bags and put them in jumbo bags.

Iran Salt Factory

Purchase from Iran salt factory

Garmsar Salt Factory produces recrystallized salt, this salt contains iodine. The recrystallization salt of this factory is sold wholesale and retail and is exported to different countries of the world.

Iran Salt Factory

By buying recrystallized salt from this factory, large export companies can buy a high quality refined salt at the best price.

It should be mentioned that the refined salt at the Garmsar Salt Factory is checked in different laboratories and meets the standards of the Ministry of Health.

Source: Halito rock salt Company

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